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Wired students and technology trends for Back to School
Wth laptops, cell phones and PDA’s, ‘Triple A’ students are working anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
A new multimedia facility at Queen’s provides the opportunity for students and staff to work with new technology like 3D animation, podcasting and video editing.
More information on these trends follows:
Triple A students – wired to work anytime, anywhere with anyone 
It used to be that an 'A' student was a good thing. Now ‘Triple A’ students are making their way to the front of classrooms. Armed with cell phones, PDA’s and laptops, ‘Triple A’ students are working anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
Queen’s School of Business professor John Pliniussen says his students stay connected 24/7. He says he often sees teams working wirelessly in restaurants and coffee shops around town with some on their laptops and others SMSing or using their cellphones simultaneously.
According to Pliniussen, for the 2007/08 academic year, it’s ‘Triple A’ all the way.
To arrange an interview with John Pliniussen, contact Communications Assistants Alissa Deley at 613.533.6000 ext. 77513, alissa.deley@queensu.ca or Molly Kehoe at 613.533.2877 molly.kehoe@queensu.ca, Queen’s News and Media Services.
Bye-bye chalk and chalkboard - new Queen’s centre offers the latest in emerging technology
Queen’s new Emerging Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art multimedia facility for the Queen’s community to collaborate and investigate new technologies related to teaching and learning.
The Centre provides a platform for students, faculty, and staff to evaluate and work with new technology like video editing, podcasting, tablet computing, and even 3D modelling animation.
Clickers (a student response systems), stand alone audio recorders for lecture recording and podcasting, and interactive whiteboard technologies are among the newest technologies for back to school.  Most items are available for users to sign out; tutorials are also available free of charge. 
For more information about the Emerging Technology centre visit (http://www.its.queensu.ca/etc/blog/?page_id=2) or to arrange an interview with Luc Wauters, learning technology analyst contact Communications Assistants Alissa Deley, 613.533.6000 ext 77513, alissa.deley@queensu.ca, or Molly Kehoe, 613.533.2877, molly.kehoe@queensu.ca, Queen’s News and Media Services.

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