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Tsunami aftermath


These experts may help bring informed perspective to ongoing media coverage in the aftermath of the tsunamis that devastated the coast of southeast Asia.


Karen Dubinsky, Professor, History and Women's Studies, 613.533.2150, ext. 74374, dubinsky@post.QueensU.CA

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: adoption, and local versus foreign adoption especially the creation of children as political symbols; how the apparent innocence of tsunami victims is constantly being reinforced with images and discussion of children; a fascinating contrast to the non discussion of other victims
of disaster, e.g. in Iraq. Currently writing a book titled Babies Without Borders.


Laurent Godin, Assistant Professor,
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, 613.533.3223,
Bilingual in English and French

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: geologist with expertise in neotectonics; main research is in Himalayan geology (how the mountains form), in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan; involved in several neotectonics projects in Ontario; how faults form, why earthquakes occur at particular places around the earth.

On Jan 6, 2005, a research workshop hosted by Queen’s brought together experts in seismology, engineering seismology (design of structures resistant to earthquakes), and structural geologists. This was part of the POLARIS research project involving several Queen's faculty(and students).

Faith and Spirituality

Pamela Dickey Young, Professor and Department Head, Religious Studies, 613.533.2106, youngpd@post.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: Why does God let these things happen? The question of Fate, and how to respond to this question; religion and culture, contemporary theology (Christianity).


Arthur Sweetman, Director and Stauffer-Dunning Chair, Policy Studies, 613.533.6000, ext. 77669, sweetman@post.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: economic issues related to immigration, tourism.


Sharryn Aiken, Assistant Professor, Law, 613.533.6000, ext. 78007, aiken@post.queensu.ca

Possible topics related to tsunami aftermath include: international refugee law and policy, Canadian immigration issues, security issues in the context of immigration and refugee policy, international human rights, public international law.

Audrey Kobayashi, Professor, Geography and Women's Studies, 613.533.3035, kobayasi@post.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: immigration, refugees, human rights. Has been monitoring developments on affected families from Southeast Asia using the expedited immigration process to bring immediate family member


Ray Satterthwaite, Associate Vice- Principal Advancement, 613.533.6000, ext. 74001, satterth@post.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: possible drop-off in support to other charities; donor loyalty; fraudulent fundraising and the need to be vigilant in ensuring fundraising organizations are reputable; need for co-ordinating fundraising efforts.

Volunteer agencies and Canadian government response

Kathy Brock, Associate Professor, Policy Studies,
613.533.6486, brockk@post.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: volunteer sector, national government, public policy; communications between volunteer agencies and nations. The “aftermath” for volunteer agencies working in crisis. Third sector issues (ie, voluntary sector, nonprofits, charities), Canadian politics and government; intergovernmental relations.

Water purification

Stephen Brown, Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Studies, 613.533.6000, ext. 32655, browns@chem.queensu.ca

Topics related to tsunami aftermath include: water quality issues, including the challenges in testing the affected area will face, and some of the issues of sanitation, providing clean water, etc.

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