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Not in Residence? Have No Fear, FYNIRS is Here!

September 1st - September 2nd & September 9th

Each year, about 5-10 percent of first-year students choose not live in residence.  FYNIRS (First Year Not In Residence Students) at Queen's is an inter-faculty Orientation program offered to first-year students arriving at the university who, for a variety of different reasons, decide not to live in residence.

FYNIRS Orientation runs during the same weekend as University Orientation. This year, our orientation runs from Saturday, September 1st, Sunday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 9th.

Since FYNIRS Orientation takes place during the few days before Faculty Orientation starts, it is possible (and recommended!) for students to attend both Orientations and maximize their exposure to all the welcoming opportunities Queen's has to offer!

FYNIRS Orientation gives first-year students an opportunity to ask questions, make new friends, establish networks on campus, familiarize themselves with Queen's campus and the City of Kingston, and of course, HAVE FUN!

The Orientation consists of a variety of events including but not limited to Frosh Olympics, Games Night, Campus Scavenger Hunt, Clubs/Campus Resource Night, and a Boat Cruise. We also share some events with University Orientation, providing a great opportunity for students to meet people living in Residence as well! All events are planned with accessibility and the students’ best interests in mind.

Lastly, FYNIRS also has a Lounge Space in room A616 of the Queen's Centre on campus. The lounge is a space open during the school year for students to go between classes to study, get help with homework, visit with the friends they made during orientation, and connect with upper-year students in a relaxing and friendly environment.

For students not living in residence first year it is an excellent opportunity to get involved!

Check out the FYNIRS website to register!

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Any questions regarding FYNIRS Orientation or year-round events can be addressed to this year’s FYNIRS Chair Robyn Binsfield, at fynirs@ams.queensu.ca.