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Engineering Orientation (September 6-10)

Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science Orientation Week is a fun-filled week designed to introduce incoming students to the "renowned spirit and unrivaled excellence" that Queen's Engineering and Applied is known for. Devoted Orientation Leaders, FRECs, lead incoming students through a variety of activities that test the creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm of the incoming class. Incoming students are immersed in the skills, traditions, and sense of community that make Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science stand apart. Events such as Highland GamesThundermugz, and the coveted Grease Pole are planned throughout the year, and the whole week is entirely student organized.

While all events are optional, we strongly encourage all incoming students to sign-up and see what they are all about! Queen’s Engineering and Applied Orientation Week is a phenomenal opportunity for incoming students to meet one another, learn and engage with upper year engineering students, and gather resources so they feel comfortable and prepared to start class. Orientation Week is truly an unforgettable week on campus and certainly not one you will want to miss!

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Engineering and Applied Science Orientation Chair, Matt Whittle, at oc@engsoc.queensu.ca.