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Nursing Orientation


Each and every one of you is about to embark on a fantastic journey, so buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the best week Queen's University has to offer!

During your jam-packed four-day faculty orientation, you will be able to partake in exciting activities including Thundermugz, a pleasantly messy day with the Engineers, a relaxing Beach Day at Sandbanks Provincial Park and a Dance-Off and Barbeque with our beloved Computing students so get practicing your best dance moves (the "Shopping Cart" and "Lawn Mower" are totally acceptable!).


Fun Facts About Nursing Orientation Week:

  • The faculty Orientation Week will run from September 6th until the 9th. Each day will consist of a variety of events ranging from low-key to high-energy activities. We hope to see your smiling faces at all events but encourage each person to do as they feel comfortable as all events are completely optional.
  • Throughout your week you will be guided by some exceptional Orientation Leaders known as Capes. Why Capes you may ask? Well, during the First World War, soon after nursing was established as a medical profession thanks to the hard work of Florence Nightingale, capes were adopted into the nursing uniform to mark themselves as reputable healthcare professionals. Different badges and stripes where sewn into these capes to mark their rank such as a student, educator or leader! So, to pay tribute to the first professional nurses, our leaders go by Capes! Pretty cool, huh?
  • The week is organized by the Nursing Orientation Committee, NOC for short. There are eight dedicated members on this committee who have been working hard for many months to make sure that the week is the best one yet!
  • During the summer, you will be receiving an email with links to this year's Orientation Handbook. Your handbook includes a detailed guide for Orientation Week as well as nifty tips and tricks for navigating through your first year at university and beyond!
  •  Along with your Handbook, during this summer you will be receiving an email from the School of Nursing regarding forms and certifications that MUST be completed prior to the start of school in the fall. As far as certifications, these include:

                           - CPR C (Healthcare Practitioner Level is encouraged but not required)

                           - Standard First Aid

           These certifications will be submitted on the first day of Nursing Orientation Week.

  • Check out our Nursing Science Society Orientation page at http://queensnss.com/orientation/ for all things you need to know! In addition check out our Nursing Orientation and Nursing Science Society Facebook pages

Please Note: There is a fee to participate in Orientation Week. If you have any concerns regarding the Orientation Week fee, bursaries are available. More information on this will be available during your registration for Orientation Week.

Additionally, we strive to make all events as accessible and inclusive as possible. Our goal is that each and every student feels comfortable and has the best experience we can offer. We will do everything in our power to make all aspects of the week accessible whether these needs are physical, mental, social, dietary, financial or otherwise. During the registration process, please notify us if there are ways we can assist you in having a fantastic week!

We are super excited to see you this fall and can't wait for you to experience the most amazing week that Queen's has to offer! More information is to come to give you a sneak peek on the week that will rock your red and white socks off!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Head Cape for Nursing Orientation Week, Alexi Honsberger at nursingorientation@ams.queensu.ca.

Let the countdown begin!!