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Queen's University

Con-Ed Orientation

Con-Ed Orientation

Welcome to Con-Ed at Queen's! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to become a part of a really wonderful faculty (in our unbiased opinion). We pride ourselves on our Queen's spirit and sense of community, and we cannot wait to welcome you in person!

A Few Quick Facts about Orientation:

  1. Our faculty Orientation Week will run from September 9th - 12th. There will be a variety of activities offered every day. While we encourage you to come out to all of the events, they are all completely optional.
  2. Your week will be guided by a set of Orientation Leaders known as Teaches. These are upper-year Con-Ed students, trained and dedicated to leading Orientation Week activities, answering your questions, and acting as general supports through Orientation Week and beyond. They are a truly wonderful bunch, who are already very excited to meet you!
  3. Our week is organized by a group called Teach Exec. There are five members of this committee, who oversee the planning of the week as well as the Teaches and ensure the week runs as smoothly as possible. This year, our "nickname" of sorts is ChEMiSDry. 
  4. Our site ( will be a resource for you throughout the summer and school year. Stay tuned for tons of media content like videos, Teach bios, and more. 
  5. The website will also feature our one and only handbook! This is your go-to Orientation Week guide. It will feature a schedule of the week, tips about Queen's and Con-Ed, and very important information about Orientation Week registration!
  6. There is a fee for Orientation Week, which varies from faculty to faculty. We will be releasing our fee soon. Please note if there are any concerns regarding the Orientation Week fee, bursaries will be available. Information on the bursary process will be made available with the release of the fee amount.

NOTE: If you wish to participate in the Con-Ed Orientation Week, do not pay the Arts and Science Orientation Week fee. Our week has a separate fee as we have the opportunity to participate in a number of different events from the general Arts and Science students.



            One of our main goals of Orientation Week is to provide everyone with the best experience possible. To make this a reality, Teach Exec and the Teaches take accessibility very seriously, and we want to do everything we can in order to suit and accommodate your personal needs, whether physical, mental, financial, dietary, or otherwise.

            Every Orientation Week leader, in all faculties, is required to complete multiple training sessions in person and online, such as OTEC Customer Service Training, Anti-Oppression Training, and Positive Space Training (a program that encourages discussion and understanding of sexual and gender diversity). Together, these sessions make sure that every leader is comfortable and happy to welcome all incoming students to an inclusive, non-judgmental, and generally friendly environment.

           Throughout Orientation Week, we introduce new students to the multitude of campus resources, many of which are student-run, that help the students make the most of their experience at Queen’s. One of the most important resources we discuss is HCDS (Health, Counselling and Disability Services), which offers many services to assist students with problems that are common in post-secondary education, and “promotes educational equity” for those with disabilities.

            In 2013, Head Teach Mike Young began a new Orientation Week event called “Breakfast in B.Ed”, which revolved around mental health and the many resources on campus that assist those with mental health issues. We cannot wait to continue this event in September!

            We have meticulously gone over each and every event during Orientation Week to ensure that each student has a completely positive experience. However, we are aware that issues may arise that we may not have foreseen. On our Orientation Week website, you will find a survey that will ask you to, if you feel comfortable, list any accessibility needs you have that you would like us to know about. This is completely optional and confidential. This will help us to create the best possible experience for you!

There is MUCH more fascinating information to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


SO much Con-Ed Love,


Morgan McCrimmon, Head Teach at





Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000