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Site Agreement

What is a Site Agreement?

A Site Agreement is an agreement that is issued to a researcher who is participating in a multi-centre research study. These are very common in the health sciences under CTAs. When under a CTA, a Site Agreement will contain many of the same elements outlined in the CTA section. They commonly create flow down of the obligations of the main CTA.

What is the rate of indirect costs (overhead) associated with Site Agreements?
The rate for Site Agreements related to a CTA is 30% of total direct costs. Otherwise, the rate is the same as for Contracts, at 40%.

Who can sign a Site Agreement?
Site Agreements are signed by the Director of the Research Contracts Unit. This is currently Janice Mady. Site Agreements related to CTAs are co-signed by the relevant signatory at the participating affiliated hospital (KGH, Hotel Dieu, Providence Care). In this case the researchers are often asked to sign in addition to the institutional signatories, and this is acceptable.

What is the process for having a Site Agreement signed?
In general, the process is as follows:

1. The Site Agreement is provided by the researcher or the sponsor to the Contracts Coordinator. This is currently Diana Purvis.
2. The Site Agreement is assigned to a member of the Contracts Unit for review/ drafting.
3. Once reviewed, a copy and any related comments are provided to the researcher for their consideration. The researcher is requested to complete an entry in TRAQ (Tools for Research At Queen's).
4. Proof of necessary certifications is requested. (e.g. Human Ethics, Animal Care, Biohazard Approval, Radiation Safety Approval )
5. A copy of the Site Agreement and related comments are then provided to the sponsor, and the negotiation is undertaken.
6. Once agreement with the sponsor is reached on the terms, the Contracts Unit member will manage the signature process by Queen's, the affiliated hospital if applicable, and the sponsor.
7. Upon execution, a copy of the Site Agreement and TRAQ entry are forwarded to Financial Services so an account may be set up. At this point all questions related to the release of funds should be directed to the person in Financial Services who manages the account.
8. An original of the fully executed Site Agreement is provided to the relevant hospital(s) contact.
9. A copy of the Site Agreement is provided to the researcher and the relevant Department Head.

Amendments to Site Agreements follow much the same process as outlined above.


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