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There are two types of GREB ethics application forms:

  1. Full Ethics Application Form

  2. Course-Based Ethics Application Short Form 


1.   Full GREB Ethics Application Form

This form is electronic in the Queen’s Electronic Human Ethics Application System.  This form must be used by

  • all faculty and staff members,

  • graduate students for independent study courses and thesis research

  • undergraduate students for independent study courses and thesis research

  • all non-Queen's researchers who wish to conduct research on the Queen's campus

To access the Human Ethics electronic system, click:

2.  Course-Based Ethics Application SHORT Form

This form is only used by students for course-based research projects that are not identified above.   The course instructor must apply using the full application form and, once cleared, grant students their ethics clearances to conduct research with human participants as part of a course.

To access the SHORT form click on the link below: 


  1. Confidentiality Agreement for Interpreter
  2. Confidentiality Agreement for Staff
  3. Generic Sample LOI and CF
  4. How to Complete a GREB Application Presentation
  5. GREB Sample Script for Verbal LOI and CF
  6. Invitation Letter to Students for Web Survey
  7. Letter of Information for online survey
  8. LOI and CF Checklist
  9. LOI and CF for Artist Interview
  10. Sample LOI/CF with options
  11. Sample of LOI and CF for students in Psychology Lab
  12. Sample LOI for UN officials
  13. Generic LOI sample
  14. Sample of Combined LOI and CF
  15. Telephone script

  Participant Recruitment Procedures

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