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Queen's University

Subject Recruitment Procedures

The most common methods of subject recruitment are: 1) email, 2) telephone, 3) notice, and 4) personal communication. Each of these methods may have features that are more (or less) important as an initial contact method. In most cases the researcher is attempting to communicate the minimum important information to see if the subject is interested in participation. The recruitment phase does not replace the Letter of Information or Consent Form where more required information is provided.

Minimum Requirements in First Contact by:


1. Invitation to participate
2. How the investigator acquired the email address
3. Title of the project and its objective
4. What time commitment to expect if participate
5. Exclusion/inclusion criteria if necessary
6. More details provided in a Letter of Information
7. If there will be a second email sent as a reminder
8. Name of the researcher


1. Name of the researcher
2. How the researcher acquired the phone number
3. Invitation to participate
4. Title of the project and its objective
5. What time commitment to expect if participate
6. How the data will be acquired (continue with interview; come to lab)
7. Exclusion/inclusion criteria if necessary
8. More details will be provided in a Letter of Information
9. Would you like to participate?

Notice Board

1. Name or title of research project
2. Type of data acquisition (experiment, interview etc)
3. Inclusion/Exclusion criteria if necessary
4. Time commitment to expect
5. Financial component (if any)
6. Contact information for more participation/more details

Personal Request of Passers-by

1. Name of researcher
2. Ask if interested in participation in "Title of project"
3. Amount of time commitment to expect
4. Type of data acquisition (interview, questionnaire) by (pen paper, tape recorder, video)
5. If answer is "NO" say, "have a good day"
6. If Answer is "YES" explain through the Letter of Information
7. If survey/written questionnaire with no identifiers required, normally no signed consent form will be required


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