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Queen's University

2015 NSERC RTI Applications

The information below does not pertain to RTI applications in subatomic physics. SAP RTI applications should contact as soon as possible.

Tips and Advice for Applicants

Please note: on the Portal, the PI of the proposal can "invite" the co-applicants, and then each co-applicant can enter their sections, such as the CCV, the Most Important Contributions, their HQP training etc.

The only way to make changes in the co-applicant sections after a co-applicant hits submit is for the PI to completely delete everything from that co-applicant, to re-invite them, and then the co-applicant has to re-enter all their sections from scratch. This does not make it easy to act upon feedback from colleagues and URS who make suggestions for improvements.

Therefore, we strongly advise co-applicants not to hit Submit on their sections until URS has had a chance to review those sections and make suggestions.

Tips and advice on how to complete your RTI application (netID login required):
Queen's Best Practices for RTI applications 
(updated Aug 26 2015)

Detailed Description of the Internal Process for download (also includes key advice and evaluation criteria)


Queen's Internal Process 2015

Since 2013, NSERC has adopted a quota system that limits the number of applications per institution.

  • NSERC's RTI quota for Queen's for fall 2015 submissions is 18
  • The 2015 allocation per faculty will be: 10 applications for the Faculty of Arts and Science6 applications for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and 2 application for the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Committees appointed by each Faculty will conduct an internal review of submissions from researchers within their Faculty to determine which applications will be submitted to NSERC as part of the quota. Faculty internal selection committees will take into consideration the same criteria that will be used by the NSERC multi-disciplinary selection committees.

Faculty Submission Contacts

This year, applicants should submit their RTI proposals to a designated contact person in their faculty:

Faculty of Arts & Science

submit to Diane Reid (

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

submit to Tammy Wintle (

Faculty of Health Sciences

submit to Gladys Smith (

Proposals involving professors from more than one faculty should be submitted to the faculty in which the equipment will be housed, or to the faculty to which the majority of applicants and co-applicants belong if it has not yet been determined where the equipment will be housed.

 Key Dates of the Internal Timeline

September 21, 2015

23:59 p.m.

firm mandatory internal deadline

Applicants submit a single PDF file to the designated contact person of their faculty:
  • The PDF file generated by pressing the “Export application and attachments to PDF” button on the NSERC Portal, after having completed all Modules of the RTI Application Form, and after having attached all required attachments (Proposal, Budget Justification, Quotations (if applicable) and Confirmation of Financial Contribution (if applicable).
For the internal competition, do not submit any CCVs, and do not submit the information in the Invitations section of each of your co-applicants. These documents are however required for submission to NSERC later.
October 2, 2015

Faculties inform all applicants of the results of the internal competition. Faculties will forward the selected proposals to URS. 


URS will send applicants and co-applicants a checklist for self-checking their CCVs.

Co-applicants should upload their CCVs and complete the sections in the Invitations portion as soon as possible. Note that the CCV and these sections are quite time-consuming to complete if a co-applicant has not recently applied for a Discovery grant.


October 5-16: URS reviews proposals and provides comments to the 18 selected applicants.

October 6, 2015 Internally selected applicants submit a TRAQ DSS for their proposal by this date at the latest.  
October 21, 2015
Applicants will submit the final versions of their proposals on the NSERC Portal ((CCVs, final version of proposal and application form, Co-applicant/Invitations sections) to allow URS to complete a final administrative check of all proposals on October 22nd and 23rd.
October 26, 2015 URS forwards all proposals to NSERC.

URS Contacts for RTI applications:

For questions, email Vera Kettnaker,, extension 77314

Reviews and completeness checks will be performed by Rebecca Kinsella and Sonia Nobrega.

Detailed Description of the Internal Process for download (also includes key advice and evaluation criteria)

Useful Links

Program Description:

Program Description for RTI proposals in subatomic physics:

NSERC Instructions for filling out the CCV:

Queen's Step-by-Step Guide to Completing a CCV (with lots of screenshots and detailed instructions for importing publications)

Queen's URS FAQ for the NSERC CCV     

Queen's URS FAQ for the NSERC Portal

Peer Review Manual, section 7 covers the review of RTI proposals:

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