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Queen's University

SSHRC Insight Grants Competition

The 2014 SSHRC Insight Grant  competition has now been launched. Full details can be found on the SSHRC website

To be eligible for the 2014 Insight Grants competition applicants must have submitted a Notice of Intent to SSHRC by August 15, 2014. Applicants are permitted to amend their proposal between the Notice of Intent and full application stage. The Canadian Common CV will not be used for the 2014 Insight Grant competition.

Full Application  Resources




June 18   


2014 SSHRC Insight Grant Competition Launched

The mandatory Notice of Intent application form and instructions 
are available via the SSHRC web-forms.


The Canadian Common CV will not be used for the 2014 Insight 
Grant competition.

July 15



Access to the Insight Grant Full Application

Beginning mid-July SSHRC will provide an Insight Grant application in the Portfolio (SSHRC web-forms) of applicants who have submitted the Insight Grant NOI.

August 1

SSHRC Notice of Intent (NOI) Deadline


An applicant who has not submitted an NOI by this date will be ineligible to submit the full application in the October 2014 competition.


NOIs are submitted directly by the applicants to SSHRC via the web-forms system.

September 1

Recommended Peer Review

Provide a draft of your application (at a minimum the detailed description, knowledge mobilization plan, student training, and budget justification sections) to a colleague in your discipline for feedback.


Request feedback within ten days to allow time for further development and revision of the application. 

October 1

Queen’s Research Services Internal Deadline

Mandatory internal deadline for an administrative check. 


Insight Grant full applications must be completed and submitted to Research Services electronically via the SSHRC web-forms. Research Services can return the application to the applicants for amendments.


Tools for Research At Queen’s (TRAQ)

A completed and approved TRAQ Awards Form is required by this date. TRAQ has replaced the Data Summary and Signature (DSS) system. 


Commence the form a week in advance to allow for Department Head approval time.


Insight Grant applicants who submit a NOI will receive correspondence in August from Research Services regarding TRAQ training opportunities. 

October 15

SSHRC Insight Grant Deadline

All applications must be received by SSHRC. Applications are electronically forwarded to SSHRC by Research Services

Contact Information

SSHRC Insight Grant Contact:         

613 . 996 . 6976

TRAQ Help Desk     

613.533.6000 ext. 78426

Queen's Research Services Contact:

Diane Davies, Research Projects Advisor

613.533.6000 ext.79422


Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000