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Queen's University

Queen’s NSERC Portal FAQ

Where to login:

Please note that you need to create a user account for the NSERC Portal if you've never used it before. NSERC accounts from other NSERC websites or from the CCV site will not work.

Tech Support:

Q: When I paste text from Word into the form on the Portal, all the formatting is gone. Is there a way to keep it ?
A: NSERC said there is no way to preserve the formatting of copy-pasted text. You'll have to add the formatting manually using the edit buttons above the text fields in the form.

Q: I downloaded one of my papers in pdf from the publisher's site, but I get the following error when I want to attach it to my proposal: "PDF must be in 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm) or A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) format."
A: You can reprint it to pdf in one of those sizes. That is, you select "Print", and then you choose a pdf converter instead of an actual printer. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, this is listed as "Adobe PDF" in your list of printers. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, you can download such a print-to-pdf program for free on the internet, there are several such programs. Once you've selected a pdf converter as the printer, you have to click around the printer preferences for that printer to specifically select "Letter" or "A4" as the size, and check the option for "Fit to size" (or something similar). If you can't get this to work, you can email me (  your file and I'll convert it for you.

Q: How do I submit the application on the Portal, there is no Submit Button?
A: The Submit Button will only appear once all error messages have been addressed. Check the application form for warning signs and resolve those issues, then the Submit Button will appear.

Q: How do I attach the CCV?
A: After you hit “Submit” on the CCV site, you will get a confirmation number. Copy that confirmation number, and paste it into the field on the NOI form (on the NSERC Portal) that appears when you click the “Attach” button on the NOI form.

Q: Copy-paste doesn’t seem to work for text fields in the application form, am I supposed to retype everything?
A: Copy-paste will work if you use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Q: The organizations of some of my suggested reviewers (in the NOI form) are not in the drop-down lists, how should I enter them?
When entering a Suggested External Reviewer, if the reviewer’s organization is not in the list provided, users may type it directly into the field after selecting the Country and the Province. This should be typed in the “Select Organization” field, below the Province field.

Q: UBC seems to be missing as an organization for reviewers??
A: Apparently it's listed under T, "The University of British Columbia".

Q: Will the contributions in the CCV be numbered this year so that we can refer to them in our proposal?
A: Contributions will be numbered in the CCV this year (2015), with the most recent entry receiving number 1. This means that when you add a recently accepted contribution, all numbers for the other contributions will change -- keep that in mind when referencing publications by their CCV numbers in your proposal. 

Q: In the pdf, the email addresses of my suggested references are cut off.
NSERC reply was "This has been reported to our developers and will be resolved. Unfortunately, we do not know when the resolution will be completed, so I would recommend that you complete your application rather than awaiting a resolution."

Q: I’ve submitted the NOI but I can’t access an application form yet on the Portal. When will those become available?
A: In a webinar for research administrators NSERC said they would be available mid August. Last year, the full application forms only became available mid September. However, applicants can just use the instructions to develop the text for the different sections, and then copy-paste it into the online forms once they are available. The character counts (for the stated limits on how long each section can be) do not count spaces as characters.

NSERC instructions for the full application:

Q: For my application, can I make some changes to the CCV that I submitted with my NOI?
A: You can upload a revised CCV to your application at any time before the Submission deadline date.
First, update your CCV on the CCV website and select the submit button, you will be provided with a confirmation number.
When you are ready to upload (Attach) the revised CCV to your application, you can delete the previous version of the CCV and upload your new one by entering your NSERC CCV confirmation number and selecting Upload.
When you are ready to upload (Attach) the revised CCV to your application, you can overwrite the CCV confirmation number that appear in the box with the new CCV confirmation number and select Upload.

Either one of these method will upload your revised CCV to your application.

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