Office of Partnerships and Innovation

Contact the Regional Innovation Ecosystem Unit

Team Members- Name & Title Email Phone
Janice Mady, Director, Research & Innovation Partnerships 613-533-3376
Rick Boswell, Assistant Director (Innovation Park - Acceleration Programs and Incubation Facilities) 613-533-6279
Edward Thomas, Assistant Director (Industry Partnerships - Match-making Services) 613-533-3157
David Hyndman, Assistant Director (Industry Partnerships - Match-making Services) 613-533-2235
Paul Vickers, Director (Embedded Management Services)  613-533-6000 x74870
Amanda Gilbert, Communications Coordinator  613-533-6000 x79345
Lisa Jones, Administrative Assistant 613-533-3371 


The Regional Innovation Ecosystem Unit is located at Innovation Park at Queen's University, 945 Princess St., Kingston, Ontario