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Job Opportunities


June 29, 2015


Teaching Fellowships available for 2015-16:

The Department of Philosophy of Queen’s University requests applications from suitably qualified Philosophy graduate students interested in teaching the following courses as a Teaching Fellow in the upcoming 2015-16 academic year:

Half-courses (3.0 course load):  Fall Term


            PHIL361*  Introduction to Logic

            (level: 2nd year; estimated enrolment:  100; lecture; 2 x 1.5 hour meetings per

            week; slot unknown)

The above course will be taught on campus.  Fall term classes begin September 14, 2015 and end December 4, 2015.   

Please forward a copy of your transcript, a curriculum vitae and any relevant documentation you feel would assist your application.  All documentation should be forwarded to Christine Sypnowich (Graduate Coordinator) before July 17, 2015.


June 24, 2015

The following Teaching Assistant (TA) positions may be available for this upcoming 2015-16 academic year.  Please note some positions are for both fall and winter terms (full-year courses) and some are for only fall OR winter term (half-year courses).

For those students who fall into Group A (Qualified Graduate Student for whom a TAship forms part of their funding package), please notify both Christine Sypnowich (Graduate Coordinator) and Judy Vanhooser (Graduate Assistant) of your preferences.  Preferences must be received by July 17, 2015.

For those students who fall into Group B, C & D, please submit a CV and transcript to the Department of Philosophy (Judy Vanhooser) by July 17, 2015 for any possible TA position available after Group A.

The Department will attempt to allocate TAships according to the preferences of Group A students wherever possible; however, unfortunately we cannot always satisfy students’ requests in the allocation of TA positions.

The following may be available, depending on enrolments:

PHIL111-001 (FW) – two or three full-year TAships available

PHIL111-001 (FW) – two or three full-year TAships available

PHIL115-001 (FW) – two or three full-year TAships available

PHIL153 (F) – two half-year TAships available

PHIL151 (W) – three or four half-year TAships available

PHIL157 (W) – two half-year TAships available


PHIL250 (FW) – two full-year TAships available

PHIL257 (FW) – two full-year TAships available


PHIL247 (F) – two half-year TAship available

PHIL256 (F) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL261 (F) – one half-year TAships available

PHIL273 (F) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL201 (W) – two or three half-year TAships available

PHIL204 (W) – one or two half-year TAships available

PHIL233 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL276 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL296 (W) – two half-year TAships available


PHIL301 (F) – one or two half-year TAships available

PHIL303 (F) – one half-year TAships available

PHIL318 (F) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL347 (F) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL361 (F) – one or two half-year TAships available

PHIL373 (F) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL301 (W) – one or two half-year TAships available

PHIL316 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL343 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL351 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL359 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL362 (W) – one half-year TAship available

PHIL374 (W) – one half-year TAship available 


The Faculty Recruitment and Support Office provides prospective faculty members with information on life at Queen's and in the Kingston Community and assists new faculty members and their families with the relocation process. Services are confidential.


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