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Queen's University

D.L.C. Maclachlan

Emeritus Professor
M.A. (Glasgow), M.A. (Yale), Ph.D. (Glasgow)

Specialization: Philosophy of Perception, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics Image of Lorne Maclachlan Office: N/AOffice Hours: N/APhone: N/A 

My main philosophical interest is in the theory of knowledge, particularly the theory of perception and Kantian epistemology.  I have also interests in metaphysics and philosophy of mathematics.  In a recent book Why Consciousness is Reality,I defend what David Chalmers calls "Phenomenal Realism" and I am at present working on the demythologization of mathematics.  In the area of perception theory, I contributed the volume Philosophy of Perceptionto the Prentice Hall Foundations of Philosophy Series, and I have a new book forthcoming with the McGill-Queen's Press: The Enigma of Perception.  I have been teaching Kant's Critique of Pure Reasonfor fifty years, and I am now attempting to set down on paper what I have learned over the years.



Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000