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Queen's University

Department of Philosophy




FALL 2014             

Sept 11:                 Speaker:   Tracy Isaacs (Univ of Western Ontario) (Graham Kennedy Lecture)

                               Title:  “Kitchen Nightmares: When Ethical Eaters Come to Dinner”

Sept 18:                 Speaker:    John Dillon (Trinity College, Dublin) (J. Miller)  (Gregory Vlastos Lecture)

                               Title:  “Carneades the Socratic”

Sept 25:                 Speaker:  Mike Otsuka (LSE)  (KGS – Dunning Lecture)

                               Title:  "How it Makes a Moral Difference that One is Worse Off than Once Could Have Been"

Oct 2:                     Colloquium cancelled this week.

Oct 9:                     Speaker:  Jeff Malpas (Univ of Tasmania) (Paul Fairfield)

                               Title: "Place and Situation"

Oct 16:                   Speaker:  Jackie Davies (Queen’s University) (HL)

                               Title:  "Bill C-36, Sex, Money, Violence and Exploitation - 'Made in Canada' Talk and Action"

Oct 23:                   Speaker:  Roxanne Marie Kurtz (Univ of Illinois, Springfield) (H. Laycock)

                               Title:  "A Naturalist's Diachronic Answer to the Special Composition Question"

Oct 30:                   Speaker:  Tom McKay (Syracuse Univ) (H. Laycock)

                               Title: "Stuff and Coincidence"

Nov 6:                     Speaker: Vida Panitch (Carleton)

                                Title:  "Commodification, Cash Values, and Market Norms"

Nov 13:                   Speaker: Udo Schuklenk (Queen's University)

                               Title:  "Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder and Assisted Dying"   

Nov 20:                 Speaker:  Lorne Maclachlan (Queen’s University)

                               Title:  "Phenomenal Realism"

Nov 27:                 Speaker: Blain Neufeld, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (H. Laycock)

                              Title:  "The Power of Free and Equal Citizens as a Collective Body" - Shared Intentions and Public Reason

 Winter 2014


Jan 8:                     Speaker: Catherine Collobert, (University of Ottawa) 

                               Title:   Interpreting Poetry with Socrates:  Playing on Meaning"

Jan 15:                   Speaker:  Ryoa Chung, (Universite de Montreal, l’Ecole Normale Superieure de Fontenay/St-Cloud)

                                Title:  "The Convergence Hypothesis in International Ethics"

Jan 22:                   Speaker:  Katherine Wayne (Queen's University)

                                Title:  "Doing Right by Our Animal Companions: Does Preventing Reproduction Make for Bad Care?"

Jan 29:                   Speaker:  Francoise Monnoyeur-Broitman (Linkӧping University) (H. Laycock)

                               Title:  "The Platonic Solids and Crystallography: a Lesson in the Power of Thought"      

Feb 5:                     Speaker:  Paula Schwebel (Ryerson)

                                Title:  "Walter Benjamin's Leibnizian Political Theology: A Response to Carl Schmitt"

Feb 12:                  Speaker:  Byron Williston (Wilfrid Laurier)

                               Title:  Moral Weakness and the Climate Crisis"

Feb 19:                  Reading week

Feb 26:                  Speaker:  Sergio Sismondo (Queen's University)

                               Title:  "Choreographing the pharmaceutical two-step: Constructing key opinion leaders"

Mar 5:                    Speaker:  Josephine Nielsen (Queen’s University)

                               Title:  "Keeping Their Kids: Cultural Minorities and the Lives of Children"

Mar 12:                 Speaker:  Nancy Salay (Queen’s University)

                              Title:  "Resolving the Representation/Anti-Representation Debate in Cognitive Science:  Language


Mar 19:                 Speaker:  Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University) 

                              Title:  "Rethinking membership and participation in an inclusive democracy:  cognitive disability, children,



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