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The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce the following (tentative) schedule of talks in the Colloquium Series.  Unless otherwise noted, all talks will be held on Thursday afternoons in Room 517, John Watson Hall, Bader Lane, beginning at 4:30pm.


Everyone is welcome. Further details about each talk will be sent out weekly.


FALL 2013

Sept 12:                 Speaker:  A.A. Long (UC-Berkeley)  (Gregory Vlastos Memorial Lecture)                                                 

                                Title: "Socratic idiosyncracy and Cynic exhibitionism"

Sept 19:                 Speaker:   Alice MacLachlan (York University)  (Graham Kennedy Memorial Lecture)

                                Title:  "Sorry Stories and How (Not) To Tell Them:  Philosophical Approaches to Apology"              

Sept 26:                 Speaker: Gary Steiner (Bucknell University)

                                Title: "The Pathocentric Basis of Animal Rights"

Oct 3:                     Speaker: Torin Doppelt (Queen's University)

                                Title:  "A Sadness Born of a Fact:  A Study of Spinoza's Humility"

Oct 10:                   Speaker: Patti Tamara Lenard (University of Ottawa)

                                Title:  "On Exit"

Oct 17:                   Speaker: Lorne MacLachlan (Queen's University)

                                Title: "The Enigma of Time"

Oct 24:                   Speaker: Margaret Moore (Queen's University)

                                Title:  "Territory and the Attachment Problem"

Oct 31:                   Speaker:  Jeff McMahan (Rutger's University) (Dunning Lecture)

                                Title:  "Killing Animals and Causing Them To Suffer"                                                              

Nov 7:                    Speaker: Mark Fedyk (Mount Allison University)

                                Title: "The Foundations of Ethics, if Ethics is an Empirical Research Project"

Nov 14:                 Speaker: Christine Daigle (Brock University)

                               Title:  "Beauvoir's Phenomenology:  Methodology as Political Gesture"

Nov 21:                 Speaker: Zipporah Weisberg (York University/Queen's University)

                               Title:  "Phenomenology, Ethology, and Animal Ethics"

Nov 28:                 Speaker: Paul Fairfield (Queen's University)

                               Title: "Some Thoughts on Death"


Talks and question period to be followed by drinks at the University Club




Jan 9:                     Speaker: Sean Allen-Hermanson (Florida International University)TBA

                                Title: "In Defense of the Epistemic Privilege of Conscious Introspection:  Another look at Anton's syndrome,

                                          human echolocation, and 'facial vision'"

Jan 16:                   Speaker:  Judy Pelham (York University) 

                                Title:     "Maddy's Philosophy of Logic:  A Naturalistic Method"

Jan 23:                   Speaker: Krisanna Scheiter (Union College)

                                 Title:  "Aristotle's Platonic Account of Emotion"

Jan 30:                   Speaker: Kyle Johannsen (Queen's University)

                                 Title: "On the Practical and Theoretical Significance of G.A. Cohen's "Facts and Principles""

Feb 6:                     Speaker:  Gillian Barker (University of Western Ontario)

                                 Title:  "What is Resilience?  Lessons about Cognitive Development from Ecology"

Feb 13:                  Speaker: Yual Chiek (Queen's University)

                                Title:  "The Reformed Logical Approach to Leibnizian Incompossibility"

Feb 20:                  Reading week


Feb 27:                  Speaker:   Jesús Garcia  (University of Havana)

                                Title:  "Socialist Transformation:  A Voyage into the Unknown"

Mar 6:                    Speaker:  Henry Layock

                                Title: "The Boundless:  The Blinkers of Experience, and the Mind-Forged Fetters of Our Logic"

Mar 13:                 Speaker:  Alistair Macleod (Queen's University)

                              Title:  "Justifying Human Rights:  Meeting Legitimate Challenges"

Mar 20:                 Speaker: Catherine Collobert (University of Ottawa)   

                               Title: TBA

Mar 27:                 Speaker: Karolina Huebner (University of Toronto)

                               Title: TBA

April 3:                   Speaker:  Christine Esselmont (Queen's University)   

                                Title: TBA



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