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New book by Christine Sypnowich

Christine Sypnowich has published a new book, Equality Renewed: Justice, Flourishing and the Egalitarian Ideal.


Teaching Fellow opportunities

Teaching Fellow opportunities for the 2017-18 academic year have been posted, on the Job Opportunities page.


The new PPE Program (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) has been approved.

The new PPE (Politics-Philosophy-Economics) undergraduate degree plan has been approved and will be accepting students for the 2017-18 academic year.


New book by Carlos Prado

Professor Carlos Prado has edited a new book entitled Social Media and Your Brain: Web-Based Communication Is Changing How We Think and Express Ourselves.


Udo Schuklenk appointed Visiting Professor of Wenzhou Medical University

Professor Udo Schüklenk has been appointed Visiting Professor of the Health and Bioethics Center at Wenzhou Medical University.


New book by Christine Overall

Professor Christine Overall has edited a new book entitled Pets and People: The Ethics of Our Relationships with Companion Animals


Queen's National Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellowship positions

Two positions in Philosophy have been announced: A Queen's National Scholar position in Political Philosophy and Prisons, and a postdoctoral fellowship in Animal Studies.



A warm coat for all students

Philosophy Major Heather Poechman has created the Queen's Winter Coat Exchange, to help ensure that all students have warm coats, hats, mittens and scarves.



New book by Michael Fox

Emeritus Professor Michael Allen Fox has published a new book in the Oxford 'Very Short Introductions' series: Home: A Very Short Introduction. It's currently available for pre-order from Amazon.



Ryan McInerney wins Prado Outstanding Dissertation Prize

Ryan McInerney been awarded this year’s Carlos Prado Prize in Philosophy for an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation for his PhD thesis, ‘Waking (to) Thinking Being: A Study of Education, Metaphysics, Mind, and Language.’  Congratulations Ryan!