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Queen's University

Department of Philosophy

Jon Miller wins Chancellor's Award

Queen's University has awarded Jon Miller a prestigious Chancellor'sResearch Award for his project on happiness in Ancient and Early Modernphilosophy. "From ancient times through the medieval period, theproposition that someone could be unhappy while doing well would have beenscarcely intelligible, let alone widely accepted," Jon says. "Yet, itis a complete commonplace today, when we sever the subjective experience ofhappiness (the 'feeling' of happiness) from the objective requirements ofwelfare (meaningful employment, health, friends, etc.)." The transitionfrom the eudaemonist's conception of happiness, which defines it in terms ofwell-being, to our psychological conception, which doesn't, occurred betweenthe early 1500s and the late 1700s. The goal of Jon's research is to provide aphilosophically and historically responsible account of what happened. Queen'sChancellor's Research Award, which recognizes excellence and innovation byyoung faculty, will provide $50,000 of support for graduate students workingwith Jon on his project.

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