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Nancy Salay

Adjunct Assistant Professor 
B.A. (Waterloo) M.A. (Waterloo) Ph.D. (Dalhousie)

Specialization: Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics 
Office: Watson Hall 
Office Hours: N/A 
Phone: (613) 533.6000 ext. 77030 


Nancy received her PhD in the philosophy of mind, language, and logic from Dalhousie University, but after a research fellowship at Brandeis University and six years working as a computational linguist and ontologist at Cycorp, an AI think-tank in Austin, Texas, she changed her focus to the philosophy of cognitive science. After deciding that her interests were diverging from the research agenda at Cycorp, she decided to pursue her own ideas on cognition. Currently she is writing a book on the differences between case-based and rule-based reasoning, she is developing a CBR (connectionist) system that is trained to make moral judgements, and is generally thinking about issues in the area of embodied cognition.