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The Philosophy Graduate Student Association

The Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) was officially formed in 2010. Its primary purpose is to represent the interests of its membership within both the Department of Philosophy and Queen’s University. The PGSA holds monthly meetings throughout the fall and winter terms and elects representatives to university bodies such as: the Department’s Committee of Graduate Studies, the Department’s Equity and Women’s Concerns Committee, PSAC Local 901, and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students. In addition to its representative role, the PGSA promotes intellectual growth and a spirit of community within the Department.  It does so by organizing the Philosophy Graduate Student Colloquium Series and social events for its membership.

Website (restricted to PGSA members):

List of representatives for the academic year 2015-2016:

  • Co-Chairs: Jeremy Butler and Harshita Jaiprakash
  • Secretary: Matthew Cull
  • Events Committee: Ryan McSheffrey, Jeremy Butler, and Harshita Jaiprakash
  • COGS Representatives: Krista Videchak, Frédéric Côté-Boudreau, and Carlos Fuentes Mendez
  • Department Meeting Representative: Omar Bachour
  • Appointment Representative: Omar Bachour
  • Graduate Student Colloquium Facilitator: Brennen Harwood
  • Equity & Women’s Concerns Committee: Krista Videchak and Lesley Jamieson
  • SGPS Representative: Jared Houston
  • Union Steward (PSAC Local 901): Lesley Jamieson
  • Webmaster: Frédéric Côté-Boudreau