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Beatriz Alvarado

Assistant Professor 
Department of Public Health Sciences
Telephone: 613-533-6000 ext. 79540

Beatriz Alvarado is a physician from Colombia who holds a PhD degree in Public Health from the Université de Montréal in Canada. She has been involved in projects related to the social and environmental determinants of malaria prevalence in endemic rural areas; evaluation of preventive and treatment strategies to decrease malaria prevalence (both projects were in Colombia); social disparities in child nutrition among Afro-Colombian children; gender differences in health of elders of Latin American and Caribbean countries; and the evaluation impact of the "Healthy People 2010" agenda on the population levels and social disparities in coronary heart disease and stroke in The United States.

Dr. Alvarado joined the department in April 2009 as the Associate Director of the Master in Public Health program. She is currently working in an international project that integrates biological and social pathways to understand the sex/gender mortality and morbidity paradox. She is also main Co-PI in a collaborative project Canada-Colombia to strengthening research in HIV/AIDS. She is interested in leading research initiatives that help to identify sex/gender differences in health and health care, to understand the HIV dynamic transmission in high-risk groups, and to understand the process of frailty and aging in low and middle income countries.