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Adjunct Faculty 

Faculty Directory:

Name Title Company Position
Paul Belanger Adjunct Assistant Professor KFL&A Public Health Unit, Kingston Manager, Public Health Informatics
Stephanie Belanger Adjunct Associate Professor Royal Military College Canada, Kingston Associate Scientific Director
Michael Brundage Adjunct Professor Cancer Care and Epidemiology, Queen's Director
Megan Carter Adjunct Assistant Professor KFL&A Public Health Unit, Kingston Research Associate
Colleen Davison Adjunct Assistant Professor / MPH Practicum Coordinator Research Scientist KGH Kingston Research Scientist
Andrew Day Adjunct Lecturer Clinical Research Unit, KGH, Kingston Senior Biostatistician
Ian Gemmill Adjunct Associate Professor KFL&A Public Health Unit, Kingston Medical Officer of Health
Wilma Hopman Adjunct Lecturer Clinical Research Unit, KGH, Kingston Research Facilitator
Anna Majury Adjunct Assistant Professor Public Health Ontario Regional Medical Microbiologist
Kieran Moore Adjunct  Professor KFL&A Public Health Associate Medical Officer of Health
Christopher O'Callaghan Adjunct  Professor NCIC Clinical Trials Group, Kingston Project Coordinator
Vic Sahai Adjunct Lecturer Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston Director, Business Development & Research
Leslee Thompson Adjunct Assistant Professor Kingston General Hospital President & CEO Kingston General Hospital
Erica Weir Adjunct Assistant Professor Dept. of Medicine Clinical Epidemiologist; Public Health Physician
Jina Zhang-Salomons Adjunct Lecturer Cancer Care and Epidemiology, Queen's Senior Biostatistician

Outside Kingston

Name                            Title                                         Company Position
Tye Arbuckle      Adjunct Assistant Professor Health Canada, Ottawa Senior Epidemiologist & Research Scientist      
Imaan Bayoumi   Adjunct Assistant Professor Napanee Area Community Health Centre Family Physician
Virginie Cobigo Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Ottawa, School of Psychology Assistant Professor
Paul Huras Adjunct Assistant Professor South East LHIN CEO
Jim Thompson Adjunct Associate Professor Veterans Affairs Canada Medical Advisor
Richard Schabas Adjunct Associate Professor Health Unit, Hastings & Prince Edwards Counties Medical Offices
Dick Zoutman Adjunct Professor Quinte Health Care Chief of Staff