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October 1, 2014:  One new TA position has just become available for the Fall 2014 term.  Dr. Ana Johnson is looking for a graduate TA for her EPID 807 class.    

Duties:  The professor and the TA will work together to: 1) plan, prepare, co-ordinate lectures and group assignments, lead and facilitate any review sessions; support and encourage student participation in group exercises with the goal to reinforce comprehension of the health economics concepts introduced during class and through readings; 2) assist students in developing their group projects and papers; 3) grade assignments and exams; 4) have office hours available to provide assistance to students on an individual level basis; 5) possibility to assist in teaching depending on training and interest; 6) assist professor in managing the Moodle platform (posting, forum, quizzes).

Dedicated time: 8 hours per week. Remuneration is $37.88 per hour.

Skills desired for this position: excellent communication skills and ability to work well with others.  

Interested graduate students should submit  a copy of your Queen’s transcript and a description of your academic accomplishments, relevant experience to Lee Watkins ( by Friday, October 3, 2014.  


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