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  •  Public Health Science Day 2014

  • Public Health Science Day 2014

  • Public Health Science Day 2014

  • MPH Students - Naythrah Thevathasan, Tina Yousif, Agatha Nyambi

  • MPH students- Emma Pillsworth, Stephanie Ko, Kaitlynn Almeida

  • Class of 2015

Welcome to the Master of Public Health Program!

Public Health involves the organized efforts of society to keep people healthy and prevent injury, illness and premature death. It is a combination of programs, services and policies that protect the health of all Canadians. 

Students will develop the applied skills needed to organize, analyze, interpret and communicate public health knowledge and apply this knowledge to the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health policies and programs. Students will develop an awareness of ethical and cultural issues pertaining to public health research and practice.