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Degree Requirements

To complete the requirements for the program, students must:

  • Take seven core course and three elective courses. The five core courses (EPID 801, EPID 821, EPID 812, EPID 825 and EPID 803) must be taken during the fall and winter terms of first year, and successfully completed prior to practicum placement (EPID 887). The remaining two core courses, EPID 826 and EPID 827, are taken in the fall term of the second year. 
  • Practicum I: Public Health Skills Workshops (EPID 886) is a mandatory practicum preparation course that students are required to complete before the Practicum II Placement. This course provides students with skills that will benefit them in the classroom, practicum placement and in the working world upon graduation.
  • Practicum II: Practicum Placement (EPID 887): the practicum opportunity, offered in the Spring/Summer of year 1, will provide students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired from their coursework in a supervised public health setting.  Students work as part of an interdisciplinary public health team in a substantive area that is of interest to them and of importance to the sponsoring public health organization.
  • Complete the Human Research Ethics (CORE) online tutorial (SGS 804) prior to beginning Practicum II.