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Completing Your Degree

Please note:  New MPH degree requirements will become active as of September 2016. Check the detailed program descriptions in the "Prospective Students" section of this website for more information.

MPH students who began their degree with the September 2015 cohort must complete all core courses, except for EPID 826 and EPID 827, before they can begin their practicum placement in the spring/summer term. 



Milestones by Term


Year 1


Completion of five core courses (EPID 801, EPID 821, EPID 812, EPID 825, EPID 803) (Fall & Winter Terms)

Completion of 1-2 elective courses (Winter Term)

Completion of Public Health Skills Workshops (EPID 886) (Fall & Winter Terms)

Completion of 400-hour practicum placement (May-August) (EPID 887) (Spring/Summer Terms)

Year 2 (Sept-Dec)

Completion of final core courses (EPID 826, EPID 827)  (Fall Term)

Completion of remaining elective courses (Fall Term)

Completion of practicum report assignment (Fall Term)

Please see School of Graduate Studies on requirements for degree completion for a Pattern II program.