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Program Overview

Public health education at Queen’s puts the spotlight on what works in public health.

The Queen’s University Master of Public Health is a professional, course-based degree that educates, equips and inspires students to take Evidence-Informed Action for Public Health.

The degree is 16 consecutive months in duration, attracting applicants from a range of disciplines.

A 12-month accelerated program is available for candidates with at least two years of cumulative paid work experience in health care, public health or a related field. 

Through a combination of courses, skills workshops, and a 400 hour summer practicum placement, our students learn to:

  • Think like public health professionals – we educate students on public health theory and methods
  • Perform like public health professionals  - we equip students with practical skills and competencies
  • Behave like public health professionals – we inspire students to lead with the ethics and values of public health

We teach our students face-to-face and prioritize collaborative learning. We value our students and support them to succeed. Our Master of Public Health class size is approximately 35 students per year.