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​Honors Bachelor of Arts Health Studies, McMaster University

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Evaluation of Geospatial Portals for Improved Public Health Decision Making in Program Planning

Potential Career Interests / Further Education Interests: I would like to pursue my career interests in health promotion among marginalized populations and explore future opportunities in global health.

I chose to pursue an MPH degree because I wanted to expand my interests in health promotion and to gain experience in the public health field through the summer practicum.


​Honors Bachelor of Science, Biological Science, University of Guelph

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Applying lessons learned from anti-tobacco campaigns to the prevention of obesity.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I am open to exploring several job opportunities in the many career areas public health has to offer. Eventually I hope to work in health planning and policy analysis.

I chose to do a Master of Public Health because it provides the knowledge and skills I will require to examine the health issues of our population, and to properly plan and implement programs and policies that will improve population health. The practicum component also appealed to me as a way to gain first-hand experience in the field.

Lana Majid


Honors Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, Minor in Health, Aging and Society, McMaster University

Practicum Location: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Practicum Project Title: Public Health Practice Analyst

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: Following the completion of my MPH, I hope to combine my vast interests within a practical setting. My career goals include working in different levels of government and non-governmental health organizations to ultimately yield positive outcomes for both our population and health care system.

I decided to pursue an MPH  because I wanted to further examine the impact of  our socio-economic environment on health and how determinants of health such as age, gender and ethnicity affect chronic disease outcomes. Furthermore, I was drawn to the practicum as an excellent opportunity for me to apply the knowledge gained from my studies out in the field.


 Honors Bachelor of Science, Western University

Practicum Location: Region of Waterloo Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Developing Best Practice Guide to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm at Municipal Level.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: My interests revolve around health policy and funding. I see myself in a resource allocation/priority setting role that allows me to investigate optimal allocation models.In pursuit of this "ideal role" I plan to complete an MBA/MHA at some point in the future.

My interest in the MPH degree stems from an appreciation of the social determinants of health. Through my academic studies and professional experiences, I have come to realize that individual health experiences are not random nor are they intractable. My studies in public health have equipped me with the skills necessary to assess the health of populations and develop and  evaluate approaches to promote health and prevent injury and disease while taking into account diversity within populations. While not all diseases are curable, public health provides an avenue to investigate and execute best practices for managing health.



 Honors Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences, Trent University

Practicum Location: Veterans Affairs Canada

Practicum Project Title: A literature review of employer-based strategies that facilitate workplace participation of people with mental health problems.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I don't have specific plans for furthering my education but am open to the possibility. Once I complete the MPH program, I hope to obtain meaningful employment and am open to exploring job opportunities in all aspects of public health including program implementation/evaluation, research, knowledge translation, and health policy.

I wanted to further my education in a professional Master's program where I could build on my past experiences relating to health and social issues. I especially valued the practicum component as a way to gain practical experience and explore potential career interests.


Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Queen's University

Practicum Location: Ottawa Inner City Health, Ottawa Ontario

Practicum Project Title: Planning an Overdose Prevention Strategy for Chronically Homeless People Accessing Ottawa Inner City Health.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I look forward to returning to a leadership role on the sexual health team at KFL&A Public Health.

I really enjoyed working in Public Health and wanted to gain a broader knowledge base to be able to make a greater difference in the community.



​Honors Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Queens University

Practicum Location: South East Local Health Integration Network

Practicum Project Title: Analysis of Repeat Unplanned Emergency Visits within 30 days for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conditions.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests : I intend to pursue a meaningful position in the public or private sector, which will allow me to apply the skills that I've developed through my education and professional experiences. I am especially interested in health promotion, program planning, and health policy.

I chose to complete my MPH because I wanted to further my education with a professional program that offered practical experience. I wanted my education and subsequent career to focus on the prevention of health problems at the population level.



Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences (Honors) University of Ottawa

Practicum Location: Ottawa Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Barriers to Dental Service Accessibility and Utilization among Low-income Individuals on Socially Funded Dental Programs.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I am interested in pursuing dental school in the future and hopefully working in the public health field as a dentist one day.

I chose to pursue an MPH degree to further build on my knowledge of health and disease in the population and to prepare me for a career in the public health field.



Bachelor of Nursing Science, Queen's University

Practicum Location: Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Practicum Project Title: RBC Foundation Asian Women's Health Program

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I wish to dedicate my career to the Canadian Public  Service in order to promote the well-being of all Canadians.

It has always been my dream to become a nurse one day. Over the past four years in Nursing Science, it has only affirmed my strong belief that health and wellness are the primary need before all others. However, it slowly dawned on me that I wanted to make a more meaningful impact to society than I could as a sole practitioner. Through my numerous clinical rotations I was able to observe various inefficiencies and flaws in the healthcare system. I realized that if I wanted to tackle these systematic problems I wain have to gain further skills and acquire greater knowledge of the public healthcare system.


 Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, Dalhouise University

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health

Practicum Project Title: A targeted gap analysis of the implementation of health promotion activities across a spectrum of community agencies in KFL&A.

Potential Career Interests/ Further Education Interests: I would like to work as a health promoter in a community health center or public health unit.


I  chose the MPH program because it builds on the knowledge and skills that I learned during my undergraduate degree in Health Promotion and it will help to improve my career prospects.



Honors Bachelor of Science with specialization in Physiology,University of Ottawa

Practicum Location: Ottawa Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Evaluation of healthy eating and physical activity guidelines in Municipal Child Care Centres

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: Career interests – I hope to pursue programs in my identified public health interests in the public or private sector. Continuing education – I hope to pursue a M.D. to broaden my skills set and expertise.

I became interested in public health because it offers a comprehensive view on identifying and addressing a wide-range of health-related problems and events of the population at large. I chose to pursue a Masters of Public Health to acquire the knowledge and skills to contribute positively towards the public health at large by incorporating multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies for solving health-related issues.



 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Mount Alison University

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health

Practicum Project Title: Evaluation of the Implementation of the 18-month Well Baby Visit in the KFL&A Region: A Social Determinent of Health Perspective.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I am interested in potentially continuing my education with a Master of Public Policy. I hope to use the knowledge and skills gained through the MPH program (and potential futher study)to pursue a career in health policy.

I decided to pursue a Masters of Public Health because I wanted to gain a comprehensive public health education that would provide me with an overview of the core competencies of the Canadian public health field. I was also very interested in the practicum component that the MPH program offers because I wanted to be able to continue my academic interests while also gaining first-hand professional experience.



Master of Public Health, MD,PhD, FCFP Queens University , University of Toronto

                       Practicum Location: World Health Organization, Geneva Switzerland

Practicum Project Title: Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response: An evaluation of Tools.

Potential Career Interests/Further Education Interests: I am presently completing a residency in public health and preventative medicine at Queen's University,

I chose to pursue an MPH degree as it is a pre-requisite of a public health and preventative medicine residency. The knowledge and skills acquired from this program will be applied to my career in this field.



Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Minor in Sciences, Western University

Practicum Location: Middlesex-London Health Unit

Practicum Project Title: Reproductive Health Promotion

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Program evaluation and health promotion

I like the model of public health in that it is concerned with the health and well-being of the whole population through health protection and prevention of illness. I believe in the notion that public health also operates at a high level to influence systems and policy to create and environment that supports and advocates for health equity across diverse populations. I want to be a part of the service delivery that enables and empowers people to take control over and positively influence their health and well-being. 


Bachelor of Physical Education and Health, Specialization in Health Promotion, Laurentian University

Practicum Location: South East Local Health Integration Network

Practicum Project Title: Community Support Secton System Impact Assessment

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Population health analysis, geriatric health care research, global health research; possible interest in pursuing a PhD

I chose to pursue a Master of Public Health because I am interested in the analysis of population health behaviours rather than individual health behaviours. 


Bachelor of Health Science, Western University

Practicum Location: Public Health, Halton Region

Practicum Project Title: Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System Sample Pilot Project Evaluation; School Immunization Evaluation

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Program evaluation

Public Health is a new and developing field; it is related to my past experiences, focuses on the community aspect of health and there is tremendous opportunity to grow.​


Honours Bachelor of Health Science, Ottawa University

Practicum Location: Canadian Forces Health Services Directorate, Department of National Defense

Practicum Project Title: Risk assessment of the potable water produced aboard ships using reverse osmosis technology.

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Pursuing a PhD in Epidemiology/Population Health

The reason I chose to pursue and Master of Public Health was a reflection of my values. Becoming a public health professional would equip me with the necessary skills/knowledge to be able to help people make informed decisions on how to stay healthy. The thought was empowering and fulfilling.


Bachelor of Nursing Science, Queen's University

Practicum Location: Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit

Practicum Project Title: Needle Exchange Program Needs Assessment

I chose to pursue a MPH in order to focus more on prevention of disease and other health related issues rather than strictly treatment.


Bachelor of Science, Honours Biochemistry and Bachelor of Education, Queen's University

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health, School Health Team

Practicum Project Title: Situational Assessment for 'Healthy Eating and Health Weights' program for grades 5-9

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Health promotion, program planning, and working with priority populations

As an undergraduate student, I was always interested in health sciences. My year of teaching helped me realize that I enjoy learning about and promoting childhood/school-aged health and that there is a need to reach students to teach them about health lifestyles. I saw the Master of Public Health program as a good fit that combined my interests in both teaching and health.


Bachelor of Science, Honours Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen's University

Practicum Location: KFL&A Public Health, Family Health Team

Practicum Project Title: Evaluation of the implementation of the enhanced 18-month well-baby assessment with a determinants of health focus.

Potential Career Interests/Furthering Education Interests: Health promotion, child and family health, further education

To continue my education and pursue a career in the field of health promotion/education and disease prevention.