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Student Profiles 

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                                             MPH Students 2015




Kaitlyn Almeida

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Queens University



Mariel Ang

​Educational Background: BA (Health Sciences) Western University




Sara- Anne Arul

​Educational Background: M.D.C.M. McGill University



​Alyssa-Marie Bedard

Educational Background: BA ( Health Education) Laurentian University




​Angela Burns

Educational Background: BSc University of Western




Julia Cahill

Educational Background: BSc (Phm) University of Toronto




Kriti Chandna

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) McMaster University




Karly Dudar

​Educational Background: BA (Honours) Laurentian University




Lisa Ellison

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Toronto




Laura Gibson

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Queens University




Erin Hayes

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Brock University




Alzahra Hudani

​Educational Background: BSc ( Life Sciences)  McMaster University




Sandra Khoury

​Educational Background: BA (Sociology) McGill University




Jay Young Kim

Educational Background: BSc (Psychology) University of Waterloo




Stephanie Ko

Educational Background: BA (Honours) Queens University




Eric Koskins

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Queens University




Heather Lusk

​Educational Background: BA (Kinesiology) Acadia University





Paige Marshall

Educational Background:  BA (Education) Queens University



Emma Marshall-Cailin

​Educational Background: BSc  (Honours) University of Guelph



Cailin Mulvihill

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Ottawa



Agatha Nyambi

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Guelph




Kasthuri Paramalingam

​Educational Background: BSc ( Honours) University of Toronto




Emma Pillsworth

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Queens University




Evelyn Pyper

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) McMaster University



Aliya Rashid

Educational Background: BSc ( Environmental Health) McGill University



Stacey Roberts

Educational Background: BSc (Human Kinetics) University of Ottawa



Lana Socha

​Educational Background: BSc (Health Studies) Sheridan College



Sheryl Tang

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) Western University




Naythrah Thevathasan

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Guelph



Eleanor Vandermeer

Educational Background: BSc (Kinesiology) McMaster University



Tristan Watson

Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Toronto



Uwsetina Yousif

​Educational Background: BSc (Honours) University of Toronto




Taryn Aarssen

​Educational Background: BSc (Kinesiology) , McMaster University
​Practicum Placement: Pamoja Tunaweza Research Center, Tanzania
Practicum Project title: Health Systems Appraisal of Cervical Cancer in Tanzania


​Saurav Barua

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences) University of Ottawa
Practicum Placement: Central West LHIN
​Practicum Project title: 


Hayley Baranek

​Educational Background: BA (Psychology) McGill University
Practicum Placement: Woman's College Hospital, Toronto Ontario
                        Practicum Project Title: Developing and Implementing a Strategy to improve Heart Failure Outcomes in Patients with Multiple Co-Morbidities

Dawn Cole

Educational Background: BSc (Specialized Honors in Nursing) York University
Practicum Placement: TBD
Practicum Project Title:


Emily Dawson

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences) Queen's University
Practicum Placement: KFL&A Kingston Public Health Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: An Evaluation of the Implementation of the Enhanced 18-Month Well Baby Visit: A social determinants lens


Ashley Drobot

​Educational Background: BSc ( Biology) University of Alberta
​Practicum Placement: KFL&A Public Health Kingston Ontario 
Practicum Project Title: Development and Implementation of a Nutrition Policy in Licensed Childcare Settings in Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington (KFLA) Regions


​Julia Enikeeva

​Educational Background: BSc (Nursing) Dalhousie University
Practicum Placement: Kingston Community Health Care Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: 


​Sameera Fathima

Educational Background: BSc (Human Biology & Bioethics)
Practicum Placement: Health and Stroke Foundation, Toronto Ontario
Practicum Project Title: RBC South Asian Woman's Health Program & Atrial Fibrillation Resources Evaluation Project


Julia Hodgson
Educational Background: BSc (Nursing) Queen's University|
Practicum Placement: Ottawa Inner City Health, Ottawa Ontario
Practicum Project Title:


Kelsie Jagt

​Educational Background: BSc (Molecular Biology and Genetics) University of Guelph
Practicum Placement: Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa Ontario
Practicum Project Title: Health Protection and Disease Prevention through Public Dissemination of Travel Health Information


​Donika Jones

Educational Background: BSc (Human Biology & Equity Studies) University of Toronto
Practicum Placement: Toronto Public Health
Practicum Project Title: "The answer is Yes"Media Campaign: Increasing Awareness around Service Accessibility for Non-Status Immigrants in Toronto


Katherine Launier

​Educational Background: BSc (Immunology and Infection) University of Alberta
​Practicum Placement: KFL&A Public Health Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: 
Process Evaluation of a Systems Navigational tool with a Social Determinants of Health Lens


Alia Leslie

Educational Background: BSc ( Biology) University of Victoria
Practicum Placement: Kingston Community Health Care, Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: Mental Health and Addictions Self-Management in South Eastern Ontario


Meghan McCloy

​Educational Background: BA (Health Studies) Queen's University
Practicum Placement: Central East LHIN
Practicum Project Title: Behavioral Supports Ontario Survey of Phase 2 Long-Term Care Homes in the Central East Local Health Integration Network


Clare Mak

Educational Background: BSc ( Nursing) Queen's University
Practicum Placement: Street Health Clinic KFL&A Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: Hepatitis C Group Treatment Module


Irina Olariu 

Educational Background: BSc (Specialization in Life Sciences) Queen's University
Practicum Placement: Public Health Laboratories Kingston Ontario
Practicum Project Title: An Assessment of reporting guidelines for total coliform bacterial in private drinking well waters at Public Health Ontario


Alice Simniceanu

​Educational Background: BSc (Human Kinectics) University of Ottawa
​Practicum Placement: Public Health Ontario Toronto Ontario
Practicum Project Title:


​Maya Stern

Educational Background: BA (Environmental Studies) York University
Practicum Placement: Hinks Delcrest Center Toronto Ontario
Practicum Project Title: A needs Assessment of Children's Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Services in the Hinks Delcrest Catchment area.


Stefanie Stuart

Educational Background: BSc (Integrative Biology and Neuroscience) University of Toronto
Practicum Placement: Center for Addiction and Mental Health Toronto Ontario
Practicum Project Title: 
Building evidence for the Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) through an Evaluation Framework and Community of Interest.


Anna Vanderlaan

​Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences) Queen's University
Practicum Placement: Public Health Ontario Toronto Ontario
Practicum Project Title: Healthy Babies Health Children Process Implementation Evaluation


Erin Walters

Educational Background: BSc (Molecular Biology and Genetics) McMaster University
Practicum Placement: Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit
Practicum Project Title: 
Region of Waterloo Public Health Infectious Disease, Dental and Sexual Health Division


​Rebecca Yeung

Educational Background: BSc (Physical Therapy) McGill University
Practicum Placement: Providence Health Care Vancouver, BC
Practicum Project Title:
A Review of Allied Health Professions in BC and Across Canada - Best Practices and Organization Practice


​Lisa Zhao

Educational Background: BSc (Biopharmaceutical Science) University of Ottawa
Practicum Placement: World Health Organization Center Geneva,Switzerland
Practicum Projec Title: 
Mass Gatherings Medicine:Emergency preparedness and response