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Student Profiles

Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on current students. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), practicum titles, and educational background.

Current Students

Jenna Ellis

Educational Background:  BSc, Major in Life Sciences, Minor in Mathematics, Queen's University
Supervisor:  Dr. Dongsheng Tu

Xinyi Ge

Educational Background:  BSc, Information and Computing, Jilin University; MSc, Statistics, University of Science and Technology of China
Supervisor:  Dr. Dongsheng Tu

Shane Golden

Educational Background:  BSc, Zoology, University of Guelph; MSc Psychology, McMaster University
Supervisor:  Dr. Bingshu Chen


Michelle Maklin

Educational Background:  BSc, Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa
Supervisor:  Dr. Paul Peng


Michael Reaume

Educational Background:  BSc, Quantitative Biology, McGill University
Supervisor:  Dr. Michael McIsaac

Elizabeth Stankiewicz

Educational Background:  BSc, Major in Mathematics, Minor in Chemistry,
Supervisor: Dr. Michael McIsaac

Jessica Pudwell 

Educational Background:  MPH, University of Toronto 2010. BSc (Bio-Medical Science), University of Guelph 2008.
Supervisor:  Dr. Paul Peng