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Program Overview

The Master of Science in Epidemiology is 24, consecutive, months in duration. The option for part-time studies can be made available to professionals who would like to continue working whilst pursuing their degree. If part-time is of interest, please contact MSc in Epidemiology Graduate Assistant, for more information.
Completing Your Degree

Students are accepted for a September start date and, if enrolled in full-time studies, are expected to meet the milestones listed below:

Fall, year 1 

  • Completion of Introduction to Epidemiology (EPID 801) and Introduction to Biostatistics (EPID 821)
  • Completion of one elective course
  • Choose a thesis supervisor

Winter, year 1

  • Completion of Intermediate Epidemiology (EPID 804) and Intermediate Biostatistics (EPID 822) 
  • Completion of one elective course 
  • Submit thesis outline (EPID 899) - last working day in February 

Sping/summer, year 1

  • Submit thesis proposal (EPID 899) - last working day in June 
  • Present thesis proposal (EPID 899) - July 

Fall/winter, year 2 

  • Thesis research (EPID 899)
  • Supplementary electives (optional) 

Sping/summer, year 2

  • Completion of Thesis Research (EPID 899)
  • Thesis Defense (EPID 899) - June/August