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Meet our Master in Epidemiology students!

Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on current students. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), theses titles, and educational background.

MSc '18

 Bielawska Barbara

Educational Background:
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Chow Chloe




Gogna Priyanka




Guan Zhen




Habash Mara  




Melvin Alexandria




Nuguse Miriam




Qayyum Shahryar




Rahim Ahmad




Spagnuolo Catherine




Subedi Sony


MSc '"17

Sean Bai

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2015. 
Supervisor: Harriet Richardson 
and Philip Lazarus
Thesis Title: IGF-1, IGF pathway genes and breast density

Mariam Bakshi​

Educational BackgroundBSc (Psychology), York University 2014.
Supervisor: Will Pickett
Thesis Title: A Study of Mental Health Within Canadian Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and its Relationship with Physical Activity

​Jessy Donelle

Educational Background: BSc (Statistics), St. Francis Xavier University 2012. 
Supervisor: Susan Brogly and Paul Peng 
Thesis Title: The Effect of Prescription Medication Exposure on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome 

Nicole Haywood

Educational Background: Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa 2014. 
Supervisor: Mark Rosenberg and Kristan Aronson 
Thesis Title: How do physical activity and sleep quality impact self-reported health status in the elderly?

Brooke Linden

Educational Background: MA (Sociology), University of Regina 2015. Bachelor of Social Sciences (Sociology), University of Ottawa 2013. 
Supervisor: Heather Stuart
Thesis Title: Assessing Canadian Students' 'Readiness to Change' and Response to Anti-Stigma Interventions Related to Mental Illness

Braden Knight

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2015.
Supervisor: Harriet Richardson and Philip Lazarus 
Thesis Title: Exemestane metabolites, genetic markers and their association with toxicities in the vasomotor domain, in postmenopausal women participating on the MAP.3 Prevention Trial

Lisa Leung

Educational Background: BSc (Environmental Science), Queen's University 2015.
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson and Anita Koushik (Universite de Montreal)
Thesis Title: Shift work patterns, chronotype and ovarian cancer risk

Yingyi Lin

Educational Background: Bachelor of Preventive Medicine, Southern Medical University, China 2015. 
Supervisor: Ian Janssen 
Thesis Title: Bi-directional associations between active outdoor play and sleep among 10 to 13-year-old children 

Meaghan Mavor

Educational Background: BA (Psychology), Carleton University 2015. BSc (Biology and Psychology), McMaster University 2013. 
Supervisor: Tim Hanna and Harriet Richardson 
Thesis Title: A Population-based Study of Factors Associated with Advanced Stage Cutaneous Melanoma in Ontario

Dylan O'Sullivan 

Educational Background: BA (Sociology), Dartmouth College, USA 2015. 
Supervisor: Will King
Thesis Title: The role of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on the burden of skin cancer in Cancer and its relationship with context-specific epidermal DNA methylation

Caroline Piccininni 

Educational Background: BSc (Physiology and Pharmacology), University of Western Ontario 2015
Supervisor: Will Pickett
Thesis Title: The role of nature in the emotional health of Canadian adolescents 

Arlanna Pugh 

Educational Background: Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa 2015. 
Supervisor: Heather Castleden and Colleen Davison 
Thesis Title: Canadian Aboriginal Access and Use of Palliative Care Services in Rural and Remote Settings 

Jennifer Ritonja

Educational Background: BSc (Life and Health Sciences), Carleton University 2015. 
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson and Joan Tranmer

Simran Sandhu 

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2015. 
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson 
Thesis Title: 
Ovarian Cancer Risk Associated with Caffeinated Beverage Consumption 

Robert Talarico 

Educational Background: BSc (Kinesiology and Health Science), York University 2015.
Supervisor: Ian Janssen
Thesis Title: Unravelling the compositional effects of time spent in sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity on cardiovascular risk factors among children

Lyndsey Telega 

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2015. 
Supervisor: Heather Stuart
Thesis Title: Occupational prestige, workplace stigma, and mental health care seeking 

Clive Velkers 

Educational Background: Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa 2015. 
Supervisor: Dallas Seitz and Heather Stuart 
Thesis Title: Surgery, Anesthesia and Risk of Developing Dementia among Elderly 

Hunter Warden

Educational Background: BSc (Chemistry), Dalhousie University 2013. 
Supervisor: Harriet Richardson and Vikki Ho
Thesis Title: An investigation into occupational exposure to monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and lung cancer outcome 

Gillian Williams 

Educational Background: BSc (Health Studies), University of Waterloo 2014. 
Supervisor: Ian Janssen
Thesis Title: Children's active transportation to school and other destinations 

MSc '16

Peter Beliveau

Educational Background: Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 2011. BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2007
Supervisors: Simon French and Michael McIsaac
Thesis Title: Identifying evidence-practice gaps in the chiropractic profession when recommending weight loss strategies to patients who are overweight or obese  

David Boren

Educational Background: BSc (Biology/Chemistry), University of North Carolina, USA 2005 
Supervisors: Harriet Richardson and Will King
Thesis Title: Insulin-like growth-I and breast density in postmenopausal women: a nested cohort study within a breast cancer chemoprevention trial 

Emily Borgundvaag

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2014 
Supervisors: Ian Janssen and Michael McIsaac
Thesis Title: Addressing methodological issues in the use of accelerometers to assess physical activity among children

Devon Boyne

Educational Background: BA (Music), Laurentian University 2014
Supervisors: Will King and Christine Friedenreich 
Thesis Title: Examining the Relationship between Established Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Levels of DNA Methylation in Blood Leukocytes

Kelly Brennan

Educational Background: BSc (Biomedical Science), University of Ottawa 2014
Supervisors: Stephen Hall and Paul Peng
Thesis Title: 
Routine follow-up care after curative treatment of head and neck cancer from the perspective of both patients and the healthcare system

Carmen Chan

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2014
Supervisors: Harriet Richardson and Will King 
Thesis Title:
Hormonal factors and insulin-like growth factor-1 in North America postmenopausal women

Laura Davis

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2011
Supervisor: Colleen Davison and Will Pickett

Thesis Title: Patterns of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Canadian Children Grades 6 to 10

Erica Erwin

Educational Background: BSc (Social Sciences), University of Ottawa 2013
Supervisors: Karen Yeates and Kristan Aronson 
Thesis Title: A Study of Attitudes, Barriers and Enablers for Cervical Cancer Screening using a Mobile Health Approach in Tanzania 

Lindsay Favotto

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), Brock University 2014
Supervisors: Colleen Davison and Will Pickett
Thesis Title:
Connection with a Screen: The Impact of Computer-Mediated Communication on the Health of Canadian Adolescents 

Heather Kerr

Educational Background: BSc (Environmental Science and International Development Studies), Dalhousie University 2013
Supervisors: Beatriz Alvarado and Kristan Aronson 
Thesis Title: Effects of retirement of depressive symptoms and cognitive function: a sex/gender and international perspective

Jill Korsiak 

Educational Background: BSc (Environmental Science), University of Guelph 2013 
Supervisors: Kristan Aronson and Joan Tranmer  
Thesis Title: The association between sleep duration and melatonin in female hospital workers 

Meagan Milton 

Educational Background: BSc (Neuroscience and Mental Health), Carleton University 2014
Supervisor: Helene Ouellette-Kuntz and Xudong Liu
Thesis Title:
The Differential Impact of Oxytocin Receptor (OXTR) Genotypes on Social Communication Skills of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tasha Narain

Educational Background: BSc (Biomedical Sciences), University of Ottawa 2012
Supervisor: Heather Stuart
Thesis Title:
Misperceived drinking norms and hazardous drinking behaviours in university first-year undergraduate students and the effects of gender

Nicole Roberts

Educational Background: BSc (Health Studies), University of Waterloo 2014
Supervisor: Will Pickett
Thesis Title: Examination of body image among Canadian adolescents: Relations with physical activity levels and sedentary behaviours 

Glenys Smith

Educational Background: BSc (Kinesiology), University of Manitoba 2010. MSc (Kinesiology), University of Manitoba 2014
Supervisor: Helene Ouellette-Kuntz and Michael Green
Thesis Title: 
Uptake of periodic health exams among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities from 2009-2015

MSc '15

Jatinderpreet Singh

Educational Background: MSc (Biomedical & Chemical Engineering), University of Toronto 2008. BSc (Chemical Engineering), University of Toronto 2005
Supervisor: Michael Green and Simone Dahrouge
Thesis Title: Impact of Patient Rostering and Physician Payment Model on Access to Primary Care

MSc '13

Justine McLeod

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2008
Supervisor: Beatriz Alvarado 
Thesis Title: Neighborhood Perception of Safety ad the Mobility Gap between Men and Women in Old Age

Part Time

Cara Reimer

Educational Background: MD (Medicine), University of Saskatchewan 2003
Supervisors: Linda Levesque and Brian Milne
Thesis Title: Pulmonary Artery Catheterization, Transesophageal Echocardiography and Mortality in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Ontario

Senthuran Tharmalingam

Educational Background: MD (Medicine), McGill University 2011
Supervisors: Sulaiman Nanji and Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz
Thesis Title: Gallbladder cancer: A population-based analysis of surgical practice patterns and outcomes