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Meet our Master in Epidemiology students!

Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on current students. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), theses titles, and educational background.

MSc '16

Peter Beliveau

Educational Background: Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 2011. BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2007


David Boren

Educational Background: BSc (Biology/Chemistry), University of North Carolina, USA 2005 


Emily Borgundvaag

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2014 


Devon Boyne

Educational Background: BA (Music), Laurentian University 2014
Supervisors: Will King and Christine Friedenreich 
Thesis Title: Examining the Relationship between Established Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Levels of DNA Methylation in Blood Leukocytes

Kelly Brennan

Educational Background: BSc (Biomedical Science), University of Ottawa 2014


Carmen Chan

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2014 


Laura Davis

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2011


Erica Erwin

Educational Background: BSc (Social Sciences), University of Ottawa 2013


Lindsay Favotto

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), Brock University 2014


Heather Kerr

Educational Background: BSc (Environmental Science and International Development Studies), Dalhousie University 2013.


Jill Korsiak 

Educational Background: BSc (Environmental Science), University of Guelph 2013. 


Meagan Milton 

Educational Background: BSc (Neuroscience and Mental Health), Carleton University 2014. 


Tasha Narain

Educational Background: BSc (Biomedical Sciences), University of Ottawa 2012.


Nicole Roberts

Educational Background: BSc (Health Studies), University of Waterloo 2014. 


Glenys Smith

Educational Background: BSc (Kinesiology), University of Manitoba 2010. MSc (Kinesiology), University of Manitoba 2014. 


MSc '15

Randal Boyes

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2013.
Supervisors: Sudeep Gill and Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz
Thesis Title: Patterns of Use and Comparative Safety of New and Old Anticholinergic Medications in Older Adults: A Population-Based Study 

Tasha Hanuschak

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2011
Supervisor: Steven Brooks and Paul Peng
Thesis Title: Factors influencing administration of coronary angiography in patients with return of spontaneous circulation 

Farzana Haq

Educational Background: BSc (Biochemistry), Queen's University 2013
Supervisor: Colleen Davison and Will Pickett
Thesis Title: Hunger and Food Insecurity in Canadian Adolescents: A Mixed Methods Study ​

Eleanor Hung

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2013
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson and Joan Tranmer
​Thesis Title: The effect of shift work on cortisol production in female hospital employees

Jonathon Kwong

Educational Background: BSc (Biology), Queen's University 2013
SupervisorWill Pickett and Don Klinger 
Thesis Title: Risk-taking behaviour and school injury in Canadian adolescents: Using novel population health theory to evaluate potential school-based contextual interventions

Michael Leung

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2013
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson and Joan Tranmer
Thesis Title: The influence of shift work on melatonin profiles in female hospital workers 

Roger Leung

Educational Background: BSc (Cell & Molecular Biology), University of Toronto 2008
Supervisor: Daren Heyland and Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz
Thesis Title: Factors associated with reduction in metabolic risk score during a lifestyle intervention program

Katherine McKenzie

Educational Background: BSc (Biomedical Science), University of Guelph 2013
Supervisor: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz and Lynn Martin
Thesis Title: Ageing with Intellectual Developmental Disorders: The Effect of Frailty and Health Instability in Home Care Users on Time to Admission to Long-Term Care 

Olivia Meggetto

Educational Background: BSc (Health & Disease and Animal Physiology), University of Toronto 2012
SupervisorHarriet Richardson
Thesis Title: Determinants of reduced quality of life and early disconinutation of treatment in a prevention trial of exemestane for breast cancer 

Ian Richardson

Educational Background: BSc (Psychology: Brain & Cognition), University of Guelph 2012
SupervisorHeather Stuart
Thesis Title: The empowered self: Examining the role of positive mental health in overcoming the stigma of mental illness 

Joy Shi

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2013
Supervisors: Kristan Aronson and Angela Brooks-Wilson 
Thesis Title: Genetic variation in vitamin D related genes and risk of breast cancer 


Jatinderpreet Singh

Educational Background: MSc (Biomedical & Chemical Engineering), University of Toronto 2008. BSc (Chemical Engineering), University of Toronto 2005
Supervisor: Michael Green and Simone Dahrouge
Thesis Title: Impact of Patient Rostering and Physician Payment Model on Access to Primary Care

MSc '14

Leah Hamilton

Educational Background: BSc (Biology), Queen's University 2011
Supervisors: Patti Groome
Thesis Title: The Diagnostic Interval in Colorectal Cancer Patients in Ontario by Degree of Rurality

Nicollette Kwon

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences and Mathematics), Queen's University 2012
Supervisors: Harriet RichardsonDongmei Chen and Michael McIsaac
Thesis Title: Mapping the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer to exposure from traffic-related air pollution using land-use regression in Vancouver, BC

Asha Mohamed

Educational Background: BA (Psychology), Carleton University, 2012
Supervisors: Ian Janssen and Michael McIsaac
Thesis Title: Sociodemographic variations in exposure to fast food restaurants and fast food consumption

MSc '13

Justine McLeod

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2008
Supervisor: Beatriz Alvarado 
Thesis Title: Neighborhood Perception of Safety ad the Mobility Gap between Men and Women in Old Age

Part Time

Jeffrey Dixon

Educational Background: Bachelor of Commerce, Queen's University 2000
Supervisors: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz and Michael Green
Thesis Title: Impacts of Team-based Primary Care on Healthcare Access and Utilization Indicators for Adults with Intellectual and Development Disabilities in Ontario

Yvonne Murray

Educational Background: BSc (Human Biology - Nutritional Science), University of Guelph 2002
Supervisors: Harriet Richardson and Michael Brundage
Thesis Title: Comparison of Two Quality of Life Instruments in a Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial of Men with Prostate Cancer (NCIC CTG PR.3): The QLC-C30+3 with Trial Specific Checklist (PR.17) versus the FACT-P

Cara Reimer

Educational Background: MD (Medicine), University of Saskatchewan 2003
Supervisors: Linda Levesque and Brian Milne
Thesis Title: Pulmonary Artery Catheterization, Transesophageal Echocardiography and Mortality in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Ontario

Senthuran Tharmalingam

Educational Background: MD (Medicine), McGill University 2011
Supervisors: Sulaiman Nanji and Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz
Thesis Title: Gallbladder cancer: A population-based analysis of surgical practice patterns and outcomes