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Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on current students. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), theses titles, and educational background.

Current Students

Iwona Bielska

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2007. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2009.
Supervisors: Ana Johnson and William Pickett
Thesis Title: The epidemiology and economics of ankle injuries: implications for health policy

Kim Foley 

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2003. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2010.
Supervisors: Bill Mackillop and Patti Groome
Thesis Title: Measuring the Quality of Personal Care in Patients Undergoing Radical Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Raymond Fong

Educational Background: BASc (Biomedical Sciences and Physiology), McGill 2007. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2011.
Supervisors: Heather Stuart, Ana Johnson, and Daren Heyland
Thesis Title: Emotional and financial burden of caring for elderly intensive care patients

Lyndsay Harrison

Educational Background: BSc (Biology and Psychology), McMaster University 2006. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2012.
Supervisors: Bill Mackillop and Will King


Saadul Islam

Educational Background: BSc (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh 2011. MSc (Environmental Toxicology), Chulabhorn Graduate Institute, Thailand 2014. 
Supervisor: Kristan Aronson 


Michaela Koller

Educational Background: BA (Psychology), McGill University 1987. MA (Educational Psychology and Counselling), McGill University 1992.
Supervisors: Heather Stuart
Thesis Title: Multi-site Evaluation of Contact-Baed Anti-Stigma Programs for High School Youth 

Atif Kukaswadia

Educational Background: BSc (Biology), Carleton University 2006. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2009.
Supervisors: William Pickett and Ian Janssen
Thesis Title: Acculturation and Physical Activity Among Young Immigrant Canadians

Alyson Mahar

Educational Background: BSc (Nutrition and Dietetics), Acadia University 2007. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2012.
Supervisor: Patti Groome and Paul Kurdyak 
Thesis Title: The impact of a pre-existing psychiatric illness on cancer diagnosis, treatment and outcomes 

Michael Palmer

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 1983. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 1988.
Supervisor: Harriet Richardson and Michael Brundage


Sarah Peacock

Educational Background: BSc (Biology and Mathematics), Trent University 2005. MSc (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), University of Western 2007.
Supervisors: Will King and Tom Massey
Thesis Title: Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and risk of colorectal adenoma

Liam Remillard 

Educational Background: BSc (Health Sciences), University of Ottawa 2011. MSc (Epidemiology), University of Guelph 2014. 
Supervisors: Paul Belanger, Kieran Moore and William Pickett

Colleen Savage

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 1993. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2001.
Supervisors: Mike Green and Heather Stuart
Thesis Title: Impact of Depression on Co-Morbid Diabetes in Primary Care

Graham Smith 

Educational Background: BMSc (Medical Sciences, Microbiology and Immunology), University of Western Ontario 2008. BSc (Medical Radiation Sciences), University of Toronto 2012. MSc (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), University of Western Ontario 2014. 
Supervisors: Michael Brundage, Timothy Hanana and Patti Groome


Afshin Vafaei

Educational Background: MD (Medicine), Tehran University of Medical Science and Health Services, Iran 1996. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2008.
Supervisors: Beatriz Alvarado and William Pickett
Thesis Title: The Impact of Community Social Capital on Injuries: Population-based Studies Conducted across the Lifecourse

Colleen Webber

Educational Background: BA (Psychology), McMaster University 2006. MSc (Occupational Therapy), University of Toronto 2009. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2011.
Supervisor: Patti Groome and Jennifer Flemming 
Thesis Title: Geographic variation in potential access to colonoscopy and its effect on the length and efficiency of the colorectal cancer diagnostic interval