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PhD Alumni

Please click on the drop-downs below to find information on PhD alumni. The information provided includes: supervisor(s), theses titles, educational background, and positions after graduation.

PhD alumni Marianne Gee, Vikki Ho and Melanie Walker (left to right) at the Spring 2014 Convocation

PhD '14

Melanie Walker

Educational Background: BSc (Psychology), Queen's University 1997. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2002.
Supervisors: Will King, Harriet Richardson, and Ralph Meyer
Thesis Title: Vitamin D and Mammographic Density in Post-menopausal Women: A Cohort Study Nested Within a Chemoprevention Trial
Position after Graduation: Coordinator Scholar Competency and Population Health; NCIC Clinical Trials Group at Queen's University

Vikki Ho

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2006. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2008. 
Supervisors: Will King and Tom Massey
Thesis Title: The role of dietary exposure to heterocyclic aromatic amines and genetic susceptibility on colorectal adenoma etiology
Position after Graduation: Post-doctoral fellow; University of Montreal 


PhD '13

Naomi Cahill

Educational Background: BSc (Nutrition and Dietetics), Kings College of London 2001. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2007.
Supervisors: Heather Stuart and Daren Heyland
Thesis Title: Optimizing Nutrition Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit Through the Evaluation of Barriers to Enterally Feeding Critically Ill Patients

Qun Miao

Educational Background: Bachelor degree of Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, China 1992. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2004.
Supervisors: Kristan Aronson and Dongmei Chen
Thesis Title: Air pollution and health: distribution and determinants of exposure in Montreal, Quebec with a focus on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon assessment
Position after Graduation: Epidemiologist/Analyst; Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology at Queen's University

Marianne Gee

Educational Background: BSc (Life Science), Queen's University 2006. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2008.
Supervisors: Ian Janssen, William Pickett, and Norman Campbell (University of Calgary)
Thesis Title: Blood Pressure Control Among Canadians with Hypertension, with and without Diabetes
Position after Graduation: Science Policy Advisor; Social Determinants and Science Integration Directorate, Public Health Agency of Canada 

PhD '12

 Laura Seliske

Educational Background: BHSc (Health Sciences), University of Western Ontario 2005. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2007.
Supervisors: William Pickett and Ian Janssen
Thesis Title: The Built Environment and Obesity-related Behaviors in Canadian Youth                                                                     
Position after Graduation: Research Associate; Geospatial Analysis at Cancer Care Ontario

Anne Grundy

Educational Background: BSc (Life Sciences), Queen's University 2006. MSc (Epidemiology), Queen's University 2008.  
Supervisors: Kristan Aronson and Joan Tranmer
Thesis Title: The Influence of Shift Work, Light at Night and Clock Gene Polymorphisms on Melatonin Levels and Breast Cancer Risk
Position after Graduation: Post Doctoral Fellow; Cancer Care Ontario