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Dr. Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz contributes to the Committee on Developmental Services

On  March 5, 2014, the Chair of the Select Committee on Developmental Services presented the Committee’s Interim Report to the LegislatureHélène Ouellette-Kuntz, Associate Professor in the Department of Public health Sciences, contributed to two hearings one on her work related to the data and infrastructure needs for quality improvement across the sector and the other on the results of an analysis of health administrative data showing significant disparities in use of key health services by adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario..


Dean Reznick meets with Public Health Sciences Graduate Students

On Friday February 27th, the department hosted Dean Reznick for an informal visit.  Dr. Reznick was using this opportunity to learn more about the graduate programs in PHS, and the career trajectories of our students, past and present. 
Twelve current students from all of our four programs shared their academic journeys and stories.  
Dr. Reznick also provided the opportunity for our students to learn more about his vision and work as Dean of Health Sciences. 
The Department welcomed this exchange, and the department thanks the Dean for his warm interest in our programs and students.
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Ph.D. candidate Atif Kukaswadia has article published

Queen’s researcher Atif Kukaswadia examined young immigrants coming to Canada and their levels of physical activity, and discovered they are less active than Canadian youth during their first one to two years in Canada. However, within three to five years of moving to Canada, the physical activity level of most immigrants equals that of Canadian youth.

“Every year Canada admits over 200,000 immigrants, and around 25% of these are below the age of 14,” says Mr. Kukaswadia, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Public Health Sciences. “These youth form a large and growing part of the Canadian population. However, despite how important physical activity is to the health of youth, very few studies have investigated the role of immigration.”


Department thanks Empire Life

On Friday January 31, 2014, the Department welcomed three representatives from the Head Offices of Empire Life for a luncheon and presentation. This was to honour the contributions of Empire Life, who has sponsored 19 graduate fellowships between 2003 and 2014 in our department.  Three current Empire Life Fellows (Afshin Vafaei, Maya Djerboua, and Yvonne DeWit) presented their current work in the areas of child health.  We were joined by Mr. Bill Leacy from the Advancement Office for this day. Representing Empire Life were Julie Tompkins (Vice-President, Human Resources & Communication Services), Laurie Swinton (Director, Communication Services), and Siobhan Coady (Co-ordinator, HR and Community Relations). Representing the Department of Public Health Sciences were Dr. Helene Ouellette-Kuntz (MSc program director), Dr. Duncan Hunter (Graduate Coordinator), Dr. Colleen Davison (Assistant Professor), and Dr. Will Pickett (Head of Department).