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MSc candidate carries out fieldwork in Kilimanjaro

MSc candidate carries out fieldwork in Kilimanjaro

Erica Erwin (MSc ’16) is working on her Master fieldwork in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Her research focus uses mobile health (mHealth) strategies to increase uptake of cervical cancer screening in low resource settings.        

Erica is conducting a pilot study on behaviour-change research that uses educational messages and travel vouchers (both delivered via text message) to increase screening uptake.   This is building on the work of two of  the Department’s  former  MSc  students, Emily Skastins and Melissa Cunningham, who previously studied the barriers to cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccines in the region. The pilot study is being run under the supervision of Dr. Karen Yeates and Dr. Kristan Aronson. It builds an innovative and effective method of screening for cervical cancer developed by Dr. Yeates requiring a trained non-physician healthcare worker, a mobile phone camera and text messaging.

As well as conducting her research, Erica has already camped  at a lake situated in a crater, and in the very near future, she plans to visit coffee plantations and waterfalls in the surrounding area and to set  out on a safari. She will also have the opportunity to participate in a medical caravan providing health services to remote locations. 


Jonathan Kwong successfully defends his MSc thesis ​

Jonathan Kwong successfully defends his MSc thesis ​

On Wednesday June 24, 2015, MSc candidate Jonathan Kwong successfully defended his MSc thesis to the Department of Public Health Sciences. Jonathan's thesis title was risk-taking behaviour and school injury in Canadian adolescents: using population health theory to evaluate potential school-based contextual interventions. He was supervised by Drs. William Pickett and Don Klinger (Faculty of Education), and his examiners were Drs. Kevin Woo (School of Nursing), Duncan Hunter (PHS), Beatriz Alvarado (PHS), and Dana Edge (School of Nursing). Jonathan will be starting Medical School at the University of Toronto in September. Congratulations Jonathan. 


Department of Public Health Sciences thanks Empire Life

Department of Public Health Sciences thanks Empire Life

On Monday, June 22, 2015, the Department welcomed four representatives from the Head Offices of Empire Life for a luncheon and presentation. This was to honour the contributions of Empire Life, who have provided 21 graduate research fellowships between 2003 and 2015 in our department.  Our two current Empire Life Fellows (Jonathan Kwong and Farzana Haq) presented their current work in the areas of child health, Jonathan in his research on adolescent risk-taking and school injury, and Farzana in her work in the field of understanding child hunger.  We were joined by Mr. David Young from the Faculty of Health Sciences Advancement Office for this day. Representing Empire Life were Julie Tompkins (Vice-President, Human Resources & Communication Services), Gordon Stienburg (Learning and Development Consultant), Caroline Keyes  (Director & Chief Underwriter) and Seva Golosky, (Vice-President, Compensation & Organizational Effectiveness).  Representing the Department of Public Health Sciences were Dr. Will Pickett (Head of Department and MSc program Director), Dr. Duncan Hunter (Graduate Coordinator), and Dr. Colleen Davison (Assistant Professor).  As Dr. Pickett related, “in our department, we have a tremendous respect for what Empire Life has done as a corporation in terms of community outreach, and specifically in terms of the support of our students and their supervisors throughout the years; we are very grateful.”

Department represented at the 22nd International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time in Denmark

Department represented at the 22nd International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time in Denmark

MSc candidate Jill Korsiak and her supervisor Kristan Aronson recently attended the 22nd International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time in the city Elsinore, which is approximately 30 kilometers north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The scope of the symposium was to address challenges and solutions for healthy working hours. The symposium embraced the organization of optimal designs of working schedules considering biological mechanisms that compromise health such as restitution and sleep as well as personal preferences for social life.


IMPACT Award funds First Nations diabetes research partnership

A new research project that will take a closer look at diabetes within Ontario’s First Nations peoples and help develop new programs and policies has received funding that will allow it to move ahead.

The project, led by Mike Green, an associate professor in the departments of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences at Queen’s University, is the recipient of a $770,000 IMPACT Award from the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU).


Joy Shi successfully defends her MSc thesis

Joy Shi successfully defends her MSc thesis ​

On Monday June 15, 2015, MSc candidate Joy Shi successfully defended her MSc thesis to the Department of Public Health Sciences. Joy's thesis title was Genetic variation in vitamin D-related genes among European and East Asian women and risk of breast cancer and breast tumour subtypes. She was supervised by Dr. Kristan Aronson, and her examiners were Drs. Rosemary Lysaght (School of Rehabilitation), Will Pickett (PHS), Keyue Ding (PHS), and Lois Shepherd (Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine). Congratulations Joy. 


Eighteenth Annual Scientific Meeting for Health Science Research Day

Public Health Sciences students attend the Eighteenth Annual Scientific Meeting for Health Science Research Day

The Department of Public Health Sciences was well represented at the Eighteenth Annual Meeting for Health Sciences Research Trainees on Wednesday, June 10, 2015. This all-day meeting provided a forum for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research project students, medical students, and clinical residents of the Faculty of Health Sciences and related Schools/Faculties at Queen's University to discuss their recent research findings. 


Spring Convocation 2015

Spring Convocation 2015

On June 3, 2015 the Department of Public Health Sciences held a Convocation Reception for recent MPH, MSc (Epidemiology), MSc (Specialization in Biostatistics) and PhD (Epidemiology) graduates. Department Head, Will Pickett, noted: "I am very proud of our graduates, who all are a credit to the Department. Congratulations on this important accomplishment".