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Meet Our Undergraduates!

Meet our Nine EPID 499 Students

  • Amy Romano is working with Dr. Imaan Bayoumi looking at the effects of income level and rurality on vaccination coverage in 2 year old children.
  • Andy Wang is working on a project focused on the relationships between ethnicity, parental expectations, and school stress under the supervision of Dr. Will Pickett.
  • Anushya Alagathurai is working under Dr. Mary Ann McColl in a scoping review of adult cerebral palsy in the perspective of primary care.
  • Johana Kita is working with Dr. Heather Stuart to examine the psychological distress levels and alcohol consumption among first year students.
  • Kate Meffen, under the supervision of Dr. Susan Bartels, has been researching "Family planning in Haiti: prevalence and patterns of contraceptive use".
  • Kathryn Moffat, working with Dr. Dallas Seitz, is looking at the association between acute care hospitalizations and the development of mental health disorders in older adults.
  • Monica Morson is working with Vic Sahai analyzing the relationships between hand hygiene knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours in medical learners to better understand educational weaknesses leading to non-compliance.
  • Nagma Grewal, working under the supervision of Drs. Jennifer Flemming, Ann Majury, and Wendy Wobeser, is investigating the variability in the rate of screening for Hepatitis C virus antibody and confirmation of circulating virus between federal and provincial correctional settings in Ontario.
  • Robbie MacTavish is working under the supervision of Dr. Colleen Davison studying the impact of environmental lead exposure from mining activity in Myanmar on adult literacy rates across the country.

Epidemiology is often considered the core science of Public Health and is a field of research that draws on expertise from many disciplines, including medicine and allied health, mathematics, statistics, life sciences, environmental sciences, ethics, sociology, and policy studies. 

The Department contributes to the Queen's Faculty of Arts and Sciences undergraduate curriculum offering three undergraduate courses in epidemiology and biostatistics within the Life Sciences program.