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Student Profiles


Amy Romano 

Supervisor: Dr. Imaan Bayoumi
Research Project: The effects of income level and rurality on vaccination coverage in 2 year old children.  

Andy Wang

Supervisor: Dr. Will Pickett, Nathan King (PhD candidate) 
Research Project:  The relationships between ethnicity, parental expectations and school stress 

Anushya Algathuri

Supervisor: Dr. Mary Ann McColl
Research Project:  A scoping review of adult cerebral palsy in the perspective of primary care

Johana Kita

Supervisor: Dr. Heather Stuart
Research Project: The psychological distress levels and alcohol consumption among first year students

Kate Meffen

Supervisor: Dr. Susan Bartels
Research Project:  Family planning in Haiti: prevalence and patterns of contraceptive use.

Kathryn Moffat

Supervisor: Dr. Dallas Seitz
Research Project:  The association between acute care hospitalizations and the development of mental health disorders in older adults

Monica Morson

Supervisor: Vic Sahai
Research Project: The effects of income level and rurality on vaccination coverage in 2 year old children.  

Nagma Grewal

Supervisor:Drs. Jennifer Flemming, Anna Majury, Wendy Wobeser
Research Project:  The variability in the rate of screening for Hepatitis C virus antibody and confirmation of circulating virus between federa and provincial correctional settings in Ontario

Robbie McTavish

Supervisor:  Dr. Colleen Davison
Research Project: The impact of environmental lead exposure from mining activity in Myanmar on adult literacy rates across the country.



Serena Kosciejew 

Supervisor: Ana Johnson 

Braden Knight 

Supervisor: Will Pickett
Research Project: Profiling and comparing hazardous agricultural exposures in farm and non-farm rural children in Saskatchewan

Jessica Byrnes

Supervisor: Will Pickett and Colleen Davison 
Research Project: Housing in the Northern Territories and Associations with Youth Physical Aggression

Lyndsey Telega

Supervisor: Heather Stuart 
Research Project: Is there an association between receiving information on sleep difficulties and a problem with sleepiness in Queen's University students? 


Graydon Lucas

Supervisor: Ana Johnson 
Research Project:
Ankle Sprains: Rurality and Resource Utilization 

Emma Pillworth 

Supervisor: Patti Groome 
Research Project: The use of clinical prediction tools in personalized cancer prognosis and treatment decision making among practicing oncologists

​Emily Borgundvaag 

Supervisor: Ian Janssen 
Research Project: Association between objectivity measured physical activity and mortality risk in adults  

Isabell Kang

Supervisor: Harriet Richardson
Research Project: Investigation of the Association between Height and Breast Density