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Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Departmental Colloquium -  Investigating the nature of the neutrino: SNO+ and beyond

Freija Descamps,
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Monday April 20, 2015
1:30 p. m. in Theatre A


The SNO+ experiment is the successor to the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), in which SNO's heavy water is replaced by approximately 780tons of liquid scintillator (LAB). The combination of the 2km underground location, the use of ultra-clean materials and the high light-yield of the liquid scintillator means that a low background level and a low energy threshold can be achieved. This creates a new multipurpose neutrino detector with the potential to address a diverse set of physics goals.  The primary purpose of SNO+ is to address the nature of the neutrino via a search for neutrinoless double beta decay.  By loading the liquid scintillator with 0.3% of natural Tellurium, resulting in about 800kg of 130Te, a competitive sensitivity to the effective neutrino mass can be achieved. In the second phase of SNO+, higher sensitivities can be reached by increasing the isotopic loading. This talk will give an overview of the SNO+ detector and the double beta decay measurement. In addition, prospects for the future of the field will be presented.