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Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Electricity and Magnetism (APSC 112)

Course Information:

Instructors: Prof. Stotz (Coordinator), Prof. Narayanan, Prof. Morelli
Next Session: Winter 2017
Prerequisites: APSC 111 and APSC 171 (Calculus I)


This course continues from APSC 111 to introduce electricity and further develop fundamental ideas of mechanics in the context of engineering applications. Lecture topics include: oscillations and waves, electrical charge, electrical current and resistance, EMF, D.C. circuits and electrical measurements, electric field and potential, magnetic fields and their origin, and electromagnetic induction.

Recommended text: The text for APSC 111 and 112 is a custom text available from the bookstore. It is an abridged version of University Physics, with Modern Physics 13th edition, by Young and Freedman.

Lecture: 3, Lab: 0, Tutorial: 0.5

Academic Units

Mathematics: 0
Natural Sciences: 31
Complementary Studies: 0
Engineering Science: 11
Engineering Design: 0

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