Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Graduate Course Information 

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Course Code Course Title Instructor Web Page Offered
PHYS 414
​PHYS 823
General Relativity  Lake   F17
PHYS 435
PHYS 815
Stellar Structure and Evolution Irwin link F17
PHYS 490
PHYS 891
Nuclear and Particle Physics Rau   F17
PHYS 813 Galactic Astronomy Irwin    
PHYS 814 Extragalactic Astronomy Courteau    
PHYS 817 Astronomical Dynamics Duncan    
PHYS 825 Advanced Quantum Theory Dignam link  
PHYS 831  Electromagnetic Theory TBA    
PHYS 832 Classical Electrodynamics Chen   W18
PHYS 840 Astronomical Methods & Instrumentation Courteau, Hanes, Spekkens, Wade    
PHYS 841 Experimental Methods for Particle Physics SNOLAB Faculty   W18
PHYS 842 Formation of Structure in the Universe Courteau   W18
PHYS 843 High Energy Astroparticle Physics TBA    
PHYS 844 Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics TBA    
PHYS 845 Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium Irwin    
PHYS 846 Physics and Phenomena of Stellar Atmospheres Wade    
PHYS 848 High Density Astrophysics Lake    
PHYS 849 Model Fitting and Bayesian Inference for Physics and Astronomy Di Stefano    
PHYS 858 Introduction to Medical Physics Schreiner    
PHYS 860 Applied Science Topics in Micro/Nanotechnology Knobel   W18
PHYS 861 Physics of the Early Universe Widrow   F17
PHYS 870 Statistical Mechanics Gooding link  
PHYS 880 Elements of Solid State Physics I McLean link F17
PHYS 881 Elements of Solid State Physics II—not offered 2016/17 TBA    
PHYS 882 Nonlinear and Quantum Optics Dignam link  
PHYS 891 Nuclear and Particle Physics Rau   F17
PHYS 892 Particle Physics Di Stefano link W18
PHYS 899 Master's Thesis Research TBA    
PHYS 901 Graduate Student Seminar Series Di Stefano link F17
PHYS 904 Scientific Leadership Courteau/Mosey   F17
PHYS 913 Current Topics in Astronomical Research TBA    
PHYS 914 Current Topics in Astrophysical Research TBA    
PHYS 921 Relativistic Quantum Theory TBA    
PHYS 923 Many-body Quantum Theory Gooding    
PHYS 958 Current Topics in Medical Physics Schreiner    
PHYS 982 Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Physics TBA    
PHYS 983 Advanced Solid State Theory TBA    
PHYS 994 Current Topics in Nuclear and Particle Physics TBA    
PHYS 995 Advanced Topics in Sub-Atomic Theory TBA    
PHYS 999 Ph.D. Thesis Research TBA