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Professor Knobel and team explores the promise of the quantum realm

Professor Rob Knobel at the Kingston Nano-Fabrication Laboratory (KNFL)

Photo: supplied by NFK 

Opened in April 2015, NanoFabrication Kingston (NFK)— formerly known as KNFL (Kingston Nano-Fabrication Laboratory)— in Innovation Park is the home for many researchers and companies conducting cutting edge research. Professor Rob Knobel and his students are using the  highly specialized equipment in the laboratory to fabricate nanosenors made from graphene, which is a single layer of carbon atoms in a honeycomb lattice.

Graphene is the strongest, lightest material yet discovered, and it has remarkable electrical and mechanical properties. We’re developing graphene chemical sensors that can detect vapours in parts per billion or trillion concentration. These could potentially be used for detecting explosives or biological agents. —Prof. Knobel

For further information please read the Queen's Gazette article. The Gazette article originally appeared in The Complete Engineer magazine in the Spring/Summer 2016 Issue.