Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Undergraduate Course Information 

Undergraduate Course information is a comprehensive list covering physics (PHYS), engineering physics (ENPH and APSC) and astronomy courses (ASTR). 

Students should consult their official Academic Calendar to obtain current information about degree requirements, course offerings and sessional dates. See side for quick links.

Course Code Course Title Instructor Web Page Offered
APSC 100 Engineering Practice Clapham/Pereira   FW16
APSC 111 Mechanics

Noble (Coord.)/Narayanan/Topper

APSC 111J Mechanics - J Section Narayanan link W17
APSC 112 Electricity and Magnetism Stotz (Coord.)/
link W17
APSC 112J Electricity and Magnetism - J Section Narayanan link W17
ASTR 101 Astronomy I: The Solar System - ONLINE Hanes link S17
ASTR 101 Astronomy I: The Solar System Hanes link F16
ASTR 102 Astronomy II: Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe - ONLINE Hanes link F16
ASTR 102 Astronomy II: Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe Hanes   W17
ENPH 211 Applied Physics Di Stefano link W17
ENPH 213 Computational Engineering Physics Robbie   W17
ENPH 225 Mechanics Abdelqader   W17
ENPH 253 Engineering Physics Laboratory Topper link W17
ENPH 336 Solid State Devices Stotz link W17
ENPH 353  Engineering Physics Laboratory II Stotz/TBA link F16
ENPH 354 Engineering Physics Design Project Morelli/Gao link W17
ENPH 431 Electromagnetic Theory Morelli   F16
ENPH 454 Advanced Engineering Physics Design Project Morelli/Goa   F16
ENPH 455 Engineering Physics Thesis Morelli (Coord.)   FW16
ENPH 456 Advanced Engineering Physics Thesis I Morelli (Coord.)   S17
ENPH 457 Advanced Engineering Physics Thesis II Morelli (Coord.)   FW16
PHYS 104 Fundamental Physics Fraser/Martin   FW16
PHYS 106 General Physics Fraser/Martin   FW16
PHYS 117  Introductory Physics Singh (Coord.)/Topper link FW16
PHYS 118 Basic Physics - ONLINE Singh link S17
PHYS 206  Dynamics Abdelqader link F16
PHYS 212 Waves and Vibrations McLean link W17
PHYS 216 Introduction to Astrophysics Courteau link W17
PHYS 260 The Physics of Light and Colour Courteau link W17
PHYS 239 / ENPH 239 Electromagnetism Duncan   W17
PHYS 242 / ENPH 242 Relativity and Quanta Rau link F16
PHYS 250 Foundations of Experimental Physics (Lab) McLean link W17
PHYS 250 / ENPH 252 Management of Experimental Data Duncan   W17
PHYS 313 Computational Physics Duncan link F16
PHYS 315 Processes in Astrophysics Irwin link W17
PHYS 316 / ENPH 316 Mathematical Methods in Physics I Widrow   F16
PHYS 317 / ENPH 317 Mathematical Methods in Physics II Widrow    W17
PHYS 321 / ENPH 321 Advanced Mechanics Lake   W17
PHYS 334 / ENPH 334 Electronics for Physicists Morelli   F16
PHYS 344 / ENPH 344 Intro to Quantum Mechanics Gooding link F16
PHYS 345 / ENPH 345 Quantum Physics of Atoms, Nuclei and Particles Gooding   W17
PHYS 350 General Laboratory TBA/Singh link FW16
PHYS 372 / ENPH 372 Thermodynamics Gao link W16
PHYS 414 / PHYS 823 General Relativity Lake   F16
PHYS 432 Electromagnetic Theory Zaremba   F16
PHYS 435 / PHYS 815 Stellar Structure and Evolution Duncan link F16
PHYS 453 / ENPH 453 Advanced Physics Laboratory Rau (Coord.)/Gerbier/Fraser   W17
PHYS 460 / ENPH 460 Laser Optics Fraser   W17
PHYS 472 / ENPH 472 Statistical Mechanics Gooding   F16
PHYS 480 / ENPH 480 Solid State Physics McLean   F16
PHYS 483 / ENPH 483 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Hughes   W17
PHYS 490 / PHYS 891 Nuclear and Particle Physics Rau   F16
PHYS 491 / ENPH 491 Physics of Nuclear Reactors  Corcoran   F17
PHYS 495 / ENPH 495 Introduction to Medical Physics Salomons   W17
PHYS 590 Honours Research Thesis Widrow (Coord.)   FW16
PHYS P10 Fundamental Concepts in Physics for Teachers Noble    
PHYS P20 Physicists in the Nuclear Age -  ONLINE Castel link F16/W17