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Queen's Administrative Student Survey Schedule

Account Holders: Please complete the survey inventory template and email it to

Under the Administrative Student Survey Policy, the Office of Institutional Research and Planning is mandated to (among other things)

  • maintain an inventory of surveys to inform all faculty and staff researchers of other survey activity and facilitate scheduling decisions;
  • serve as the sole provider of student survey samples (and in most cases, faculty and staff samples) to allow us to avoid overlapping samples and survey fatigue.

This list contains all Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2018 survey projects of which Institutional Research and Planning has been informed.

Email us at if you require the schedule in accessible format.

Fall 2017 - Winter 2018 Survey Inventory (PDF, 416 KB)

It excludes the following types of "outreach" and "contact":

(a) event invitations
(b) responses related to the performance of an employee's responsibilities and of a student's academic requirements
(c) completion of forms required to access or receive services
(d) responses/reactions to participation in group-targeted events
(e) surveys of external populations (ie. entirely outside the Queen's community of applicants, students, alumni, faculty and staff).

Qualtrics account holders will be asked again in Spring 2018 to identify or confirm Summer 2018 surveys and to identify Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 survey plans.

Individuals and units undertaking administrative surveys are reminded to review the Administrative Student Survey Policy (ASSP) at

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning will provide sampling and design services consistent with the ASSP.