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Survey Training and Support

Contact Qualtrics directly for all survey-related questions/issues at



Survey Platform Overview (video, 5 minutes 14 seconds, also embedded below)

Survey Platform Overview

Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps in video format (1 - 2 hours to complete)

Sharing a Project (video, 1 minute 13 seconds)

Group Libraries (video, 2 minutes 38 seconds)


Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps (PDF, 175 KB)

Overview of Qualtrics  (from the July 24, 2017 session; PDF, 8.21 MB)

How You Distribute Your Survey: Impacts on Responses and Reminders (PDF, 151 KB)

Division Administrators

See our documentation on the FAQ page, under Account Management.


Qualtrics hosts weekly webinars, as well as offers an extensive library of on-demand webinars. For details, check out their webinar page.