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The Department of Political Studies congratulates graduate students Thomas Hughes and Lindsay Coombs for their success at the 19th annual Conference of Defence Associations Institute's Graduate Student Symposium. 

Lindsay received the Colonel Peter Hunt Award from the Royal Canadian Military Institute for her presentation of her research on child soldiers. Lindsay’s paper “Are They Soldiers? Or Are They Children? Preparing the Canadian Military for the Paradoxical Dilemma of the 21st Century Peace Operations” will be published by the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

“I am greatly appreciative to have been given the opportunity to present my research on child soldiers and the Canadian Armed Forces to such a distinguished audience of scholars and practitioners.” - Lindsay Coombs

Thomas received the symposium’s first place prize for his presentation of his paper, “Grounding Cyberwar: Rationalising the threat and the implications of its emergence for Canadian defence policy.” The paper will be published as a Vimy Paper by the CDA Institute.

“International security is a huge passion of mine, and being able to add my voice to the absolutely critical discussion about the emergence of cyberspace as a component of power was a fantastic opportunity.” - Thomas Hughes