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Political Studies professor appointed President of the ASN

Professor Zsuzsa Csergő is the new President of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN).  She will serve in this capacity for three years, beginning on April 21, 2013.  

ASN is the leading international academic association in nationalism and ethnicity studies, and the only scholarly association focusing on the study of ethnicity and nationalism from Europe to Eurasia.  The ASN's annual world convention takes place every year in the spring at Columbia University, New York.  The 41st annual convention, which was held from April 18-21, 2013, included the highest ratio of international participants of academic conventions based in North America.  The convention included nearly 700 participants, and the program featured 150 panels on research related to nationalism and ethnicity--with over 400 scholars from 50 countries delivering papers; the screening of new documentary films; and expert panels on significant current events related to conflicts associated with nation-building, and ethnocultural and religious diversity.