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Political Studies graduate joins forces and launches law firm

Natalie C. MacDonald graduated from Queen's University with a B.A. Honours in Political Studies in 1993. Natalie has joined forces with Stuart E. Rudner to launch new firm.

June 6, 2013

Toronto, ON  --  When the Canadian economy sheds jobs – and it did in March as 54,500 full time positions disappeared – there’s not enough focus on the impact this has on employees and employers. 

That’s according to employment lawyers Natalie MacDonald and Stuart Rudner, founders of the newly launched Rudner MacDonald LLP, a law firm specializing in employment law.

“Employment is essential to our happiness and wellbeing.  Being dismissed is one of the most stressful events we can face,” notes MacDonald.

And it’s not any easier if you’re an employer handing out pink slips.

“Having to let an employee go or conduct layoffs can be extremely difficult.  I have seen clients filled with dread by the prospect,” adds Rudner.

According to a Statistics Canada report (April 5, 2013) 54,500 full time, private sector employees lost their jobs this Spring.  It’s the biggest loss since February, 2009. 

“We practice employment law in order to make a difference in people’s lives, at one of the most stressful and vulnerable times they will ever endure; whether employee or employer,” explains MacDonald.

According to Rudner, “We both have a strong sense of fairness. Every day in the news, you read about employees who are abused and, conversely, employers who are taken advantage of by employees that ‘work the system’. We are here to help.”

Long-time friends and colleagues Stuart Rudner and Natalie MacDonald recently launched Rudner MacDonald LLP.  They offer a combined 27 years of experience.

They provide senior counsel to employers and employees on all aspects of the employment relationship, including policy and contract drafting, hiring process issues, terminations, performance management, discipline, employment contracts, human rights, workplace bullying, harassment and social media issues.

Both Rudner and MacDonald have been repeatedly named among Canada’s Top Employment Law Practitioners – a comprehensive directory of the top employment law and immigration law practitioners in Canada.

Natalie MacDonald is the author of ‘Extraordinary Damages in Canadian Employment Law’ - the only text of its kind.  Stuart Rudner is the author of ‘You’re Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada’.

About Rudner MacDonald LLP

Rudner MacDonald LLP is a boutique employment law firm working with employees and employers.  In a groundbreaking case, Natalie MacDonald successfully represented her client in Antidormi v. Blue Pumpkin Software Inc.(2004) which she pursued on behalf of the employee in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  In fact, this case is touted as a leading decision in the area of inducement of employees to organizations. 

In 2008, Stuart Rudner represented the Human Resources Professionals Association at the Supreme Court of Canada in the landmark employment law case of Keays v. Honda Canada Inc.  This case was described as ‘one of the most anticipated wrongful dismissal cases of the decade’ by national media. 

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