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Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant Co-Organizing Political Behaviour Conference

Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant is Co-Organizing (with Peter Loewen and Daniel Rubenson) the Fourth Annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop, 11-12 November 2016, at University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance. 

Featuring a line-up of leading thinkers from around the world, the workshop is comprised of both traditional panel sessions and posters sessions on topics such as the electoral effects of “stop-and-frisk” policing strategies, the political integration of immigrants, the effects of the education reform on voter turnout, and how information provided via mobile phone on vote choice in Ugandan elections. 

Registration is free, as are meals. For the programme and registration information, please see:

The workshop is generously sponsored by the School for Public Policy and Governance, University Toronto; the Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen’s University; and the Department of Politics, the Office of the Vice President Research and the Dean of Arts, Ryerson University.