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Erin Tolley & Rachel LaForest

Erin Tolley, a graduate of the Department of Political Studies Doctoral program,has won the 2017 Donald Smiley Prize for her book, Framed: Media and Coverage of Race in Canadian Politics. 

An Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, she has written the first book on the media’s coverage of race in Canadian politics. Framed provides an empirical analysis of print media combined with in-depth interviews of elected officials, former candidates, political staffers, and journalists. The book reveals how racial assumptions and narratives frame news stories and the experiences of those who enter political life and argues that current reporting trends are weakening Canada’s commitment to a robust, inclusive democracy.

Professor Erin Tolley (left) is pictured on May 31, 2017 with Queen's Associate Profesor Rachel Laforest, who acted as a jury member of the 2017 Donald Smiley Prize.