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Queen's University

Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy

NAME Fields of Study Office Email
Tim Abray-Nyman Canadian Politics Political Theory B305
Randy Besco Canadian Politics Political Theory B302
Robert Borras Comparative Politics
International Relations ----
Benny Chao Political Theory Gender & Politics
Erin Clow Gender & Politics Canadian Politics B308
Andrea Collins Gender & Politics International Relations B305
Nadège Compaoré International Relations Comparative Politics C408
Dalal Daoud Comparative Politics International Relations B302
Alexander Del Maestro Political Theory Comparative Politics C311
Aaron Ettinger International Relations Political Theory B307
Bailey Gerrits Gender & Politics Comparative Politics C309
Yicong He Political Theory Gender and Politics ----
Jesse Hembruff Comparative Politics International Politics B303
Michael Hughes International Relations Canadian Politics B307

Kyle Jackson Gender and Politics Comparative Politics B309
Grace Jaramillo Comparative Politics International Relations C428
Laura Kelly Gender and Politics Political Theory
Maria Krause Comparative Politics International Relations C408
Jeremy Ladd Comparative Politics International Relations C303
Dru Lauzon International Relations Comparative Politics C306
Meghan Laws Comparative Politics International Relations B306
Laura Levick Comparative Politics Canadian Politics C301
Timothy Luchies Gender and Politics Comparative Politics B309

Åsbjørn Melkevik Political Theory Canadian Politics C309
Melissa Mucci Comparative Politics International Relations ----
Dilan Okcuoglu Political Theory Comparative Politics ----
Korey Pasch International Relations Comparative Politics B303
Sara Pavan Comparative Politics Canadian Politics B304
Emma Paszat Gender & Politics Comparative Politics C301
Dan Pfeffer Political Theory Canadian Politics
Simon Poirier Comparative Politics International Relations B300
Charan Rainford Comparative Politics International Relations C307

Iain W. Reeve Canadian Politics Political Theory C307
Jeffrey Rice International Relations Comparative Politics B300
Leanne Roderick International Relations Gender & Politics

Celia Romulus Gender and Politics Comparative Politics
Philippe Roseberry Comparative Politics International Relations C311

Beesan Sarrouh Comparative Politics Gender and Politics B308

Leah Sarson International Relations Comparative Politics B306
Olga Talal Comparative Politics Political Theory C303
Ognen Vangelov Comparative Politics International Relations

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Master of Arts

Name Fields of Study Office Email
Adil Ansari Comparative Politics C415
Aland Arseneault Political Theory C305
Patrick Baud International Relations
Marin Beck Gender and Politics
Cody Burke International Relations
Matthew Cohen Canadian Politics C305
Kyle Corbett Comparative Politics C313
John Kraemer Canadian Politics

Megan MacDonald Gender & Politics
Chris Mansur International Relations
Rupinder Minhas Political Theory
Alexander Nicklisch Political Theory C306
Christopher Radojewski International Relations
Ian Robinson Canadian Politics
Rebecca Torrance Canadian Politics
Madison Vonk Canadian Politics
Rebecca Wallace Canadian Politics

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